IAV returns to CES in Las Vegas in 2022

21.12.2021  — 

Berlin. In January, IAV returns to Las Vegas. Under the motto “We move the world – with technology and engineering”, the Berlin-based Tech Solution Provider IAV presents smart developments and solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. The highlights are three showcases, two of which are from the field of cybersecurity. The third showcase gives proof that networked mobility is not just taking place on the ground.

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After the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) had to be launched as a virtual event, from January 5 to 8, 2022 around 4,500 exhibitors will present their latest technologies and concepts for the future in Las Vegas. They will again include the Tech Solution Provider IAV.

“CES is one of the absolute event highlights of the year. It provides a good overview of what will be expected and moving in the near future, in the areas of mobility, software solutions or energy management,” says Matthias Kratzsch, Chairman of the Management Board at IAV.

«As a tech solution provider, our goal is to help shape tomorrow's mobility with the help of digitized and automated development methods, making it more sustainable, innovative and secure.»

Matthias Kratzsch — Chairman of the Management Board at IAV

With the following showcases, IAV in Las Vegas illustrates this claim:

Zonal Safety – Cyber Defense Systems

Modern vehicles contain an increasing number of software from generation to generation and are increasingly networked. The software itself is also becoming more and more complex and must be safe at the same time. In order to keep the complexity manageable, IAV has developed a concept for zonal protection. Zonal gateways and Ethernet bring structures that enable new approaches to cyber-attack protection. For the purposes of illustration, the engineering team has integrated a cyber defense system into a commercially available vehicle. Thanks to zonal security defense mechanisms, not only the vehicle is protected as a whole, but also the individual control units and the functions stored on them have their own protection mechanisms.

ACDC – Automotive Cyber Defense Center

As vehicles are increasingly networked with each other and with their infrastructure, it is no longer enough to equip individual vehicles with their own security systems. Using an approach to a cybersecurity defense center, IAV shows what happens when a virus spreads across entire vehicle fleets, enters a GPS cloud or manipulates the infrastructure. The defense center will detect and analyze such potential nightmare scenarios and initiate countermeasures. For this purpose, it constantly investigates the mentioned systems for anomalies.

CarryAir – Autonomous Fuel Cell Aircraft

The autonomous body of CarryAir will be used for inspection flights and the analysis of power paths and pipelines as well as for the protection of terrain areas such as factory premises. A fuel cell drive train guarantees a significantly increased range compared to a battery-electric powertrain. Compared to the helicopters used to date mainly for these missions, CarryAir will be more cost-effective in terms of flight execution. In addition, its fuel cell drive protects the environment.

Further information can be found here or directly at the IAV booth at CES (LVCC, West Hall, version #6918).

About IAV

With more than 8,000 employees, IAV is one of the world’s leading engineering partners for the automotive industry. The company has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicles for more than 35 years, and in 2020 it sold around 896 million euros. Customers worldwide include all well-known automobile manufacturers and supplier. In addition to vehicle and drive development, IAV has already entered the e-mobility and autonomous driving at an early stage and is today one of the leading development service provider in these areas. In addition to the development centers in Berlin, Gifhorn and Chemnitz/Stollberg, IAV has other locations in Munich, Sindelfingen and Ingolstadt, as well as in Europe, Asia, North and South America.