Start of the 2021 Apprenticeship Year

#iavapprentices – full speed into professional life

09.08.2021  — 

The 2021 apprenticeship year started one week ago and three new apprentices have taken their first steps with IAV at the Gifhorn location. To start them off right, we greeted our apprentices at a “Welcome Day” planned especially for them and asked them about their first impressions.

“Welcome Day”: Day One

The three new Gifhorners – Dimitriy Krakushanskiy, Jan Wofleben, and Martin Simon Rudolf – are training to become IT specialists for system integration and application development. HR representative Stefanie John supported our trainees on their first day. The focus was on getting to know each other and sharing important organizational information about the IAV workday. But of course that wasn’t all. During a tour of our crash test facilities, the three apprentices had an opportunity to experience impressive technology.

Anticipation for the apprenticeship is high among everyone: “I’m mostly looking forward to deepening my technical knowledge and learning new skills”, said Jan Wofleben. His fellow apprentice Martin Simon Rudolf feels the same way: “I’m especially excited about learning new things every day and being able to apply them directly. I hope to make a lot of connections when going through the various IT sectors and establish a broad range of knowledge.” Dimitriy Krakushanskiy can also hardly wait for the new challenges lying ahead for the apprentices.

But before heading to their new workstations, lunch in the cafeteria. During this relaxed get-together, trainer Uwe Könnecke was ready and available to answer any of the apprentices’ remaining questions. After getting their personal key cards, our three apprentices headed to their new work stations.

Week One

The conclusion after one week at IAV: It was all new, there were a few organizational stumbling blocks, but everything basically worked as hoped. “At first there were a few technical difficulties issuing ID cards. But since those have been taken care of, the apprenticeship has been what I expected”, Jan Wofleben reports. Dimitriy Krakushanskiy elaborates: “I was counting on a friendly environment, and that’s exactly how it’s been.”

Why did you choose IAV? Martin Simon Rudolf says: “Because IAV is one of the most innovative and future-oriented companies in the region.” Dimitriy Krakushanskiy agrees with his fellow apprentices: “I chose IAV for the novel leadership style and modern company facilities.” Jan Wofleben knows IAV from his work-study position: “I opted for IAV because I see an exciting scope of duties in the current transformation of the automotive industry. On top of that, positive reports from acquaintances and my personal experience as a work-student at IAV further reinforced that I want to continue being a part of the company.”

When asked what surprised the apprentices most at IAV, Dimitriy Krakushanskiy responds: “The huge selection in the cafeteria!” Martin Simon Rudolf adds: “I was also somewhat surprised by the sheer size of the IAV compound.”

All the apprentices were happy about the warm reception from their co-workers who are lending their support and showing them the ropes.

The only thing left to say:
We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a great start at IAV! We wish our apprentices much success and a lot of fun over the next few years!

More information about an apprenticeship at IAV and the path to a apprenticeship with us can be found here.