IAV Poland starts work in Wroclaw and Opole

“Innovation is in the air here”

09.02.2023  — 

With a conference (09.02.) in Wroclaw (Poland), the Berlin-based technology company IAV has opened its new subsidiary in Poland. The company’s management and around seventy executives spent three days on-site to get an idea of the region. Around three hundred employees are expected to work for IAV in Wroclaw and Opole until the end of 2025.

Jakub Mazur, Paweł Korzeniowski, Jacek Sutryk, Dr. Uwe Horn, Tomasz Szpikowski, Maciej Potocki

IAV Poland will primarily work in the areas of Vehicle Testing and Application, Electronic and Software Development as well as Project Management and Support.

“We are excited about the opportunities here,” said Dr. Uwe Horn, IAV’s President and Chief Human Resources Officer, after a conversation with Mayor Jacek Sutryk at Wroclaw City Hall on Thursday. “We are thankful to be welcomed with open arms and to meet our partners in person. This is the beginning of a common success story.”

Dr. Uwe Horn continues: “There is a vibrant start-up scene here – that’s why the region is called the Silicon Valley of Poland. Innovation literally is in the air here. There are well-trained young talents, and the environment with international companies from the IT and automotive sectors is a perfect fit for IAV.

For us, Poland is an important component of our international strategy: Our customers are active worldwide and expect the same from us. Poland, with its innovative power and proximity to our headquarters in Berlin, is an ideal partner at eye level.”

IAV Poland was formally established on 1st December 2022 and is represented by Ralf Minow and Simon Heine as Managing Directors. The first employees have already started work, and they will be continuously joined by additional local staff.