Diversity Story with André

Like minds don’t breed novel ideas

15.12.2022  — 

In this Diversity Story, learn all about André’s experience as an electrical engineering expert during his 35+ years at IAV and as a crossdresser and a native Berliner!

André also talks about

  • his clothing style and reactions to it
  • the expectations we have in our interpersonal interactions
  • how differences prompt new ways of thinking
  • what he appreciated about his time at IAV when looking back

André joined IAV as a student in 1985. There were a total of 30 colleagues at the time. Nowadays, right before his retirement, he is primarily involved in projects related to e-mobility and autonomous driving, such as the HEAT Shuttle.

For André, it would have been “an absolute nightmare” to have employers who forced him to wear a shirt and tie. He thinks it’s “unfounded hearsay” that it would be inherently better for everyone to speak High German. He argues that everyone should be themselves, even more so if they’re not “smooth-talkers” or “mainstream” when compared to their peers.

Welcome, diversity!