Making production fit for Industry 4.0 with IoT

16.12.2022  — 

Improve production facilities with “retrofitting” without having to invest in completely new capacities: A cooperation between IAV and electronics experts Würth and FEGA & Schmitt shows how industrial production can be optimised by connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT).

As part of a collaboration, the three companies have realised a proof-of-concept for monitoring industrial cutting machines. The goal was to develop a product for customers of FEGA & Schmitt, to determine the utilisation based on current measurements and to anticipate possible problems with the cutting tools.

The basis was a clear division of labour: the project was designed by FEGA & Schmitt while Würth Elektronik supplied the connectivity and sensor components and, together with IAV, provided the cloud infrastructure solution. IAV also took care of the data analysis and complete system integration.

The bottom line is that the IoT retrofit makes it easy to connect different sensors and devices from different manufacturers without a lot of cabling and to quickly develop prototypes.

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