IAV supports DEUTZ AG in integrating H2 engines and tank system in trucks

Milestone in sustainable transport logistics

09.05.2023  — 

DEUTZ AG is developing a 7.8l hydrogen engine as part of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). Technology provider IAV is supporting DEUTZ regarding integration of the engine into trucks.

DEUTZ has developed a hydrogen engine, and IAV is taking the lead in integrating it into the truck platform.

Given the European Union’s (EU) plans to significantly tighten CO2 fleet limits for commercial vehicles and buses by 2030, manufacturers, suppliers and start-ups are struggling to find the best possible drive technology for long-distance transport.

Cologne-based engine manufacturer DEUTZ is developing a 7.8-litre hydrogen engine which is to be installed in two 18-tonne trucks in the context of the consortium project “HyCET” (Hydrogen Combustion Engine Trucks) and tested in plant logistics at DEUTZ and the HyCET partner BMW Group.

IAV is playing a key role in integrating the engine into an existing truck platform. The Berlin-based tech solution provider is managing the systems engineering and supporting DEUTZ in the selection and integration of all H₂ components, the networking of all systems via gateway control unit right through to prototype safety and safeguarding of the entire vehicle.

“With our understanding of systems, we accept end-to-end responsibility and guarantee our customers sustainable, effective solutions,” says Dr. Hubertus Ulmer, Coordinator E-Mobility, Systems Engineering & Validation at IAV. “We recently proved this in the successful implementation of our modular e-parts set for commercial vehicles. Now, we are bringing this expertise to other projects.”

“With IAV, we found a very competent partner who brings the essential experience to jointly lead this future project to a successful conclusion within the agreed timeframe,” says Dr. Jörg Seibel, Technical Project Manager at DEUTZ.

The HyCET research project is supported by funding from the BMDV. Besides DEUTZ and BMW, DHL, KEYOU, TotalEnergies and Volvo are also involved in the project, which has been approved by the BMDV since January 2022 and will be limited to four years.