Politics in Berlin impressed by IAV

04.03.2022  — 

Economics Senator Stephan Schwarz visits IAV’s Development Centre in Berlin.

Stephan Schwarz (non-party), Senate Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations, and his delegation were personally received by IAV’s Director of Labor Dr. Uwe Horn at the tech solution provider’s Berlin site.

Senator Stephan Schwarz (left) and Dr. Uwe Horn (right) took an electric ride in IAV's Elcty bus.

The programme included a stop at “Berlin’s Himalaya” the climate roller dynamometer for high-altitude. Prototypes can take virtual journeys on the test bench at an altitude of up to 5,300 metres. In the process, temperatures in the test cabin can be raised from minus 30 degrees to up to 40 degrees plus within a very short time, which is why many IAV customers also use the altitude climate roller for RDE tests. This provides manufacturers with proof that their vehicles also work reliably under extreme conditions, such as thin air and sometimes very low temperatures.

Another highlight during the Senator’s visit was an emission-free ride in IAV’s Elcty bus. This is a double-decker bus which has been electrified with IAV’s retrofit solution.

“The visit clearly shows that politicians are interested in IAV and our transformation from development service provider to a tech solution provider. The exchange is an important signal for us because both are needed to implement the mobility transformation: innovative technological solutions and forward-looking political decisions,” sums Dr. Uwe Horn up.