Follow-up Report: Engineer Career Day

Ready, set, talk! 20-Minute Conversations with Young Engineers

04.06.2020  — 

Even in its original concept as an offline event, the Engineer Career Day (Karrieretag für Ingenieure) wasn’t envisioned as an high-traffic fair but rather as a platform where employers and young talents could engage in conversation, exchange viewpoints, and get to know one another. On 29 May 2020, IAV was on board and used the opportunity to conduct 20-minute video chats with interested candidates.

A small but excellent team of our colleagues set out to provide participants with an exciting glimpse into the world and transformation of vehicle development – with a presentation on electromobility and highly automated driving including practical examples and reference projects like HEAT.

HEAT Fahrzeug 16 9

As an employer offering exciting future projects revolving around top technologies in the mobility sector, we are constantly on the lookout for suitable top talents to add to our teams to help us achieve great things. We also look for hearts and minds passionate about their own areas of interest when hiring students and graduates majoring in engineering subjects e.g. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or industrial engineering.

We are excited to find out about the results of our 20-minute conversations from the event!

Thank you to the career network e-fellows for initiating this successful online event.