The winners have been confirmed!

Report on the Code Competition “Automated Driving“

18.09.2020  — 

In summer 2020, we advertised a Code Competition on the IT Talents platform. The task was to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for the visual analysis of drone data. Participants from all over Germany showcased their coding skills in a real-life scenario.

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We haven’t had such an exciting task as the one from IAV’s last code competition in a long time. And participants have never gotten such extensive feedback!

IT Talents, Organizer of the Code Competition with IAV

Background of the task

The reason for developing the GUI was to evaluate vehicular drone images and process reference data to, for example, facilitate the analysis of distances between vehicles or lane markings or speed and movement profiles.

In practice, this application is relevant when it comes to the safety of automated driving functions like emergency brake systems, adaptive cruise control (ACC), park assist, and greater levels of automation, which make driving more comfortable and, more importantly, safer. IAV develops automated driving functions for various automobile manufacturers and guarantees their reliable functioning.

Young talents are important to us. They bring new ideas to the team, and help with the design of innovative processes and effective working. That’s also how we came up with the idea for this task.

Frank Gann — Code Competition Jury, IAV Team and Sub-Project Manager for the Integration and Security of Driver Assist Systems

Our colleagues from the IAV Driver Assist Functions team offered a glimpse at the solutions and scores in an interview.

First Place Goes to Kevin

Computer science student Kevin from Frankfurt am Main found the competition very promising and developed his solution in 70 hours. It was his first larger task combining object recognition and python.

You can read more about how Kevin tackled the challenge in his interview.

My submission depended on whether I could familiarize myself with machine learning quickly enough, and also whether or not I would find viable frameworks and approaches.

Kevin, Winner of the IAV Code Competition 2020

Runner-Up Marius

Recently graduated master’s degree candidate Marius knows all about programming and algorithms. He participated in the Code Competition as a learning experience and to work towards a real goal.

Marius talks about the challenges he faced in his interview.

With “tkinter”, Python offers a simple framework for GUI development that I was able to quickly familiarize myself with. On top of that, I also wanted to head in the direction of deep learning from the get-go. And since Python is the language of choice in that area, it was an easy decision.

Marius, Runner-Up in the IAV Code Competition 2020

Frank Gann and his team would like to thank everyone who participated and demonstrated so much commitment to the task! We’re looking forward to the next Code Competition.

IT Talents at IAV

At IAV, IT issues are addressed in nearly all automotive development disciplines. For example, in automated driving, eMobility, vehicle safety, security, infotainment, AI, big data, and software and apps. There are always exciting jobs for computer science talents listed in our job offers.