Targeting hydrogen: IAV and Sonplas develop measuring system for hydrogen injectors

13.06.2022  — 

The prospect of a hydrogen infrastructure coming into being by 2030 is enhancing plans for the use of hydrogen in mobility. IAV has developed a modern measuring system with Sonplas, a manufacturer of H2-testing systems, which is required for the validation and optimization of hydrogen injectors in H2-combustion engines.

IAV Injection Analyzer fuer kleine und grosse Motorenentwicklungen 4239
IAV Injection Analyzer for small and large engine developments.

"An optimized injection rate helps to gauge the required amount of hydrogen more precisely and to improve its engine combustion."

Konrad-Fabian Wittwer — Product Manager for Test and Measurement Systems at IAV

Together with Sonplas, the Berlin-based Tech Solution Provider has developed a prototype device to analyze the injection quality of hydrogen injectors. The basis of the development is the IAV Cross, a technical system for hydraulic measurement and functional analysis of injectors.

With the IAV Cross, IAV has been examining the injection rates and quantities of any desired injector for petrol, diesel, and gaseous fuels for years. In a cooperation project with Sonplas, the system has now been geared to hydrogen applications. Hydrogen will in future become increasingly important as an energy carrier for engine combustion because it does not release CO2.

To ensure that a hydrogen drive is ready for series production, precise functional tests on hydrogen-carrying components are necessary.

“We can draw on a great deal of know-how in the injection of conventional fuels. For example, together with our partner IAV, we are further developing the IAV Cross injection rate measuring system for operation with H2 injectors,” says Werner Riederer, Sales Engineer at Sonplas GmbH, based in Straubing, Bavaria. “We see numerous synergies in the testing processes and in the equipment of hydrogen-carrying components. This enabled us to develop our H2 test bench in a very short time.”

The measuring system IAV Cross consists of a hydraulic unit, the electronic measuring and control unit, as well as software developed by IAV. The hydrogen-capable prototype is now being prepared for its market launch next year in a test phase lasting several months.