A virtual visit to the career fair bonding 2020

Video Chat With IAV Employees

10.07.2020  — 

We talked to about 100 candidates at the first virtual bonding career fair. During “Live Day” on 1 July 2020, our experts had the opportunity to exchange views with young talents via video chat, we were able to participate on a keynote panel on the topic of agility, and our virtual fair booth was accessible to visitors all across Germany.

Joachim Schilling, System Calibration Engineer from Neckarsulm, was part of the video chat team. He tells us about all the interesting candidates with huge potential that he spoke to. And about the most frequently asked question “Is IAV hiring?”, which he was able to respond to with a “Yes” – especially students will find a wide variety of available job offers on our career website.

There was a lot of interest from candidates all over Germany. From the east (Chemnitz, Dresden) to the west (Karlsruhe), from the south (Munich/Sindelfingen) to the north (Hamburg).

Andrej Lehmann — HR Manager Recruiting

While the direct contact experience of a live fair was missed, the chats offered an undisturbed space for intense discussion. “I could calmly dedicate my attention to each person interested without a line forming behind him or her. You would have rushed more at a physical event so the fair booth wouldn’t get too full,” says Christian Willenberg from the Recruiting Team.

Is agility just a hype that no one will be talking about in a few years?

Our colleague Maike Ohmenzetter from the IAV Digital Lab participated in one of the highlights at virtual bonding – the keynote panel on agility.

During the panel, she described agile work training and continued education offers available to IAV employees: from IAV Agile Basic Days for beginners to our own Agile Master and Product Owner training.

Agility isn’t always the right approach. All four agility experts from IAV, Unilever, and TÜV Nord were quick to agree on that. “There will also be business areas in the distant future where we work “traditionally” i.e. using traditional project management,” says Maike Ohmenzetter. But at the same time…

The world demands agility. We have to be able to react and adjust flexibly to rapid market changes and uncertainty. Only an agile environment offers enough freedom to innovate. In a few years, agility will be a fixed part of our DNA and our work routine.

Maike Ohmenzetter — Agile Master

We’d like to thank everyone involved for the successful fair day and interesting contacts!