Detailed Measurement while the Engine is Starting

July 21, 2009 // "Starting Measurement Tool", IAV's new Measuring System

Das neue Startmesstool der IAV mit Datenlogger und Echtzeitsignalverarbeitung er

IAV, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, has developed a new measuring instrument for evaluating and optimizing the starting behavior of engines. The compact "starting measurement tool" is a very fast and portable measuring system with data logger and real-time signal processing capability. Injection, ignition, crankshaft and camshaft signals are sensed in high resolution even while starting the engine. Parallel measurement of these signals permits accurate analysis of injection and ignition actuation, particularly while the engine is starting. The system provides eight analog and 20 digital inputs. The analog channels are sampled at 400 kHz and 16 bits. The digital channels have a time resolution of 10 ns or 100 MHz. All signals can be recorded on a hard disk and are available in INCA and Matlab format. If necessary, the data gathered can even be pre-processed in real time in the starting measurement tool using a Matlab/Simulink model and, for example, reduced to characteristic attributes. These results can also be recorded on a hard disk.

"These are the benefits of the new system: Its compact design and wide supply voltage range make the tool ideal for use in the vehicle", explains Ralf Gratzke, head of the Powertrain Management department at IAV. The analog inputs and the crankshaft and camshaft inputs permit differential measurement. The starting measurement tool senses all signals in high resolution. To process signals in real time, the user can generate and run a Matlab/Simulink model on the starting measurement tool. Computation results and raw signals are saved on the hard disk. Reduced data can, for example, be sent via CAN in real time. The system is operated by means of the INCA calibration tool from ETAS. The starting measurement tool works in synchrony with the INCA time base. "We are extremely proud of developing this instrument and are pleased to report that IAV's starting measurement tool is already being used successfully in initial projects", Ralf Gratzke says.

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