IAV Gets Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2011

December 6, 2011 // Accolade for New, Highly Integrative and Scalable Drive Unit "IAV DrivePacEV80" for E-Vehicles

A team from IAV gets the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award worth € 10,000 for developing the "IAV DrivePacEV80" electric drive unit. "IAV DrivePacEV80" is a highly integrative and scalable combination of electric motor and two-speed transmission. It can be used in electric and hybrid vehicles of all different sizes and boosts both efficiency and tractive power. "Today’s state-of-the-art electric vehicles use a relatively simple transmission with only one gear ratio", says IAV developer Erik Schneider. "Compared with a single-speed solution, our two-speed transmission significantly improves the electric vehicle’s hill-climbing ability while also giving it far better acceleration and reducing consumption under standard conditions".

An interdisciplinary IAV team, including specialists in e-machines, transmission mechanics, hydraulics, electronics as well as software and algorithm development, has been working on DrivePac for two years. IAV experts are currently building the first prototype that is to be measured on the test bench in early 2012. Many of the company’s clients are also following these tests very closely. "Even at this stage, DrivePac has already met with huge interest", Schneider reports.

With their project, IAV’s developers were chosen from over 150 competitors. The Innovation Award is given to no more than five contenders every year by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg together with businesses from the capital region in public-private partnership. The award ceremony took place in Potsdam on December 2. The Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award carries prize money worth € 10,000 – Schneider and his colleagues intend to use the money to help a PhD or degree candidate develop new innovations.