Model in the Loop on Your Desktop

September 21, 2009 // The New MiL-Desk Software from IAV Simulates Control Units

The New MiL-Desk Software from IAV Simulates Control UnitsThe new "MiL-Desk" ("Model in the Loop on your Desktop") simulation software from IAV, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr, simulates control units on a regular Windows PC or notebook in real time and allows them to be calibrated in the normal way. MiL-Desk can be used for testing control-unit algorithms at low cost and without other hardware. Using a special MATLAB-Simulink block set, the simulation software generates a model of the control unit on a regular PC. Compiled in this way, the model runs in real time and behaves in the same way as an actual control unit does.

The INCA calibration tool from ETAS can access MiL-Desk through the XCP over Ethernet interface and permits parametrization as for a conventional control unit. For this purpose, INCA and MiL-Desk can either run on the same computer or physically apart from each other. MiL-Desk additionally supports communication via CAN, also providing access to the model by means of a conventional CAN card. With these properties, the new simulation software from IAV extends the possibilities in modern-day control-unit development.

"Two objectives were particularly important in developing MiL-Desk: Simplifying the process from designing the hardware to actually producing it and cutting the costs of developing control units. We have achieved both", says, Ralf Gratzke, head of IAV's Powertrain Management department. Using the new software obviates the need for any parallel development work, expensive simulation hardware is no longer necessary. No major effort is involved later on either when changing from the simulation to real target hardware.