Coming Face to Face with IAV in a Regional Poster Campaign

April 16, 2012 // Who is IAV? What does IAV do? And what sort of people make the company tick? IAV is one of the world’s leading automotive engineering providers and also the biggest employer in the Gifhorn region.

The company is showcasing itself in this region using portraits of staff members in the “Coming Face to Face with IAV” poster campaign. “With hydrogen, Andreas Schulze is in his element” and “Jörn Klenner drives cars to the solarium”. It is with these and other attention-grabbing headlines along with a short length of cleverly worded text that 15 members of IAV staff present the field they work in. This covers the entire spectrum of automotive engineering: From drive technologies and electronics to driver assist functions and safety - all disciplines focused on at the Gifhorn Development Center.

Employing some 2,500 staff, the innovative company is the biggest employer in the Gifhorn region. Worldwide there are over 4,500 people working for IAV. “We are proud of our qualified and dedicated staff and want everyone to know this with our campaign”, says Michael Znamiec, head of the Development Center in Gifhorn.

From 16 April to 8 May over 140 billboards carrying posters showing the faces of IAV can be seen all over town in Gifhorn and Braunschweig . “The aim is to make the region’s public and, of course, also potential young recruits aware of the company and get them excited about engineering matters. IAV is attractive as a company and also as an employer”, Znamiec says. In a second phase it is planned to extend the campaign to other towns and cities in Lower Saxony and get young engineers interested in the company there as well.

Campaign faces