IAV Supports Lightning-Fast Young Talented Engineers

July 28, 2015 // Berlin. They are seen as the elite among young talented engineers: The participants of Formula Student, an international competition organized for students who have designed their own racing cars. As one of the top employers in automotive engineering, IAV is once again among the main sponsors of the event which takes place this year from July 28 to August 2 at the Hockenheimring racetrack. IAV is giving financial support and expertise to 13 teams.

IAV Supports Lightning-Fast Young Talented Engineers

Student teams from across the globe meet up for “Formula Student Germany 2015” at the Hockenheimring racetrack

Meanwhile, the teams have been entering the competition for ten years, which is not only about maximum speed and good cornering ability. Besides engineering, it is a matter of impressing in terms of the design’s business concept. This gives the competition a further practice-related dimension for the students because costs have to be considered in motor racing too – all in all, then, a typical engineering exercise with conflicting objectives that need to be balanced.

Entrants come to Germany from all over the world. They are made up of teams from European countries, from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Thailand, China, Russia, Canada and the US.

Electric mobility is also finding its way into Formula Student. No fewer than 40 teams are entering with electrical cars, with 75 teams are lining up in vehicles equipped with classic combustion engines.

Each team has twelve months to develop its racing car from scratch, including bodywork, engine and electrics. In Hockenheim, an expert jury then judges the quality of the vehicles, with this year’s jury also including nine executive members of IAV staff. Delivering approx. 90 h.p., the small racing cars must demonstrate in “dynamic disciplines” how quickly they can accelerate, how good their cornering ability is and how much fuel they use. Technical design, production costs and a presentation for a hypothetical customer are assessed in the “static disciplines”.

On Saturday, July 4, the teams sponsored by IAV as well as other invited squads had the opportunity to put their vehicles through their paces once again in test drives on Chemnitz-Jahnsdorf airfield before the grand finale. Five teams with combustion-engined vehicles (municHMotorsport from Munich University of Applied Sciences, FaSTTUBe from Berlin University of Technology, Herkules Racing Team from the University of Kassel, UMD Racing Team from Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg and HTW Motorsport from HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences as well as four teams from “Formula Student Electric” (municHMotorsport, Racetech Racing Team from TU Bergakademie Freiberg University of Resources, wob-racing from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and Starkstrom from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences) followed the invitation to IAV Race Day with their prototypes.

Engineers from IAV and IAV’s motor racing subsidiary TRE conducted a mock adjudication with the teams before proceeding to the dynamic disciplines on the airfield’s runway.

On the Friday before, the teams were given the chance to inspect IAV’s new development center in Chemnitz/Stollberg. Here, a mock adjudication was offered in the Cost, Business Plan and Design disciplines and also taken up by other teams from WHZ Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg University of Applied Sciences and Clausthal University of Technology.

Career Springboard for the Engineering Elite

Formula Student entrants are highly motivated, have a broad range of expertise, can work together on an interdisciplinary basis and repeatedly show every year that they are capable of successfully completing a challenging project in a short time. Many of them come to IAV – for an internship, a dissertation or ultimately to start a career.

Teams sponsored by IAV:

  • Berlin University of Technology - FaSTTUBe
  • HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences - HTW Motorsport
  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg University of Resources - racetech
  • WHZ Zwickau University of Applied Sciences - WHZ Racing Team
  • Braunschweig University of Technology - Lions Racing Team
  • Ostfalia - Team wob-racing
  • Hanover University - HorsePower Hannover
  • Munich University of Applied Sciences  - municHMotorsport
  • BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg University of Applied Sciences - BTU Motorsport
  • Stuttgart University - GreenTeam Stuttgart
  • Clausthal-Zellerfeld University of Technology - Green Voltage Racing
  • Dresden University of Technology - Elbflorace

IAV is also sponsoring a successful team from the US: MRacing from the University of Michigan.

Further information:
www.formulastudent.de and in the career section of our german language website. 

Contact on location:

Christian Willenberg
Human Resources

Phone: +49 173 6105661