IAV’s New Facility in Stollberg Goes into Operation

January 5, 2015 // Berlin. Today sees IAV open a new operation at Stollberg near Chemnitz. Some 350 members of staff will be starting their work there by the end of February 2015. Stollberg will provide them with a modern test facility and other technical installations. The Chemnitz/Stollberg Development Center is planning to expand over the coming years.

The new IAV office buildings and workshops were completed at the end of 2014.

The new office buildings and workshops were completed at the end of 2014, with December seeing the new engine testing facility go into operation as scheduled. It provides engine dynamometers with an output of 220 kW, 330 kW, 440 kW and 650 kW for small commercial-vehicle engines as well as engine/transmission test benches. The multi-purpose building accommodates workshops and laboratories where the engines and vehicles are prepared and post-processed.

“All under one roof, the Stollberg site provides a state-of-the-art engineering platform for developing base engines with a focus on mechanics – from component validation to full-engine testing“, says Dr. Andreas Singer, head of the Chemnitz/Stollberg Development Center. “We have found the best possible layout of workshops and test benches and can respond to client needs with the necessary flexibility. This also includes the use of alternative fuels.”

Michael Schubert, IAV’s Chief Financial Officer, adds: “The Chemnitz/Stollberg Development Center gives us the ideal basis for working on client projects even more efficiently.” The operation will be expanded in several phases up to 2020. IAV will then have over 1,000 members of staff working in Chemnitz/Stollberg.