Hermann Appel Prize: IAV Awards Outstanding Talents

November 4, 2016 // Berlin. Engineering partner IAV awarded the Hermann Appel Prize at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences on November 3. Worth a total of € 15,000, the prize for young talent is awarded to outstanding Diploma / Master’s degree theses and dissertations in the “Automotive Development”, “Powertrain Development” and “Future Mobility” categories.

The Hermann Appel Prize winners 2016 (from left to right) Michael Hofmann, Lasse Bienzeisler, Dr.-Ing. Andreas Meier, Teresa Engel, Sebastian Franz, Benjamin Fietzke, Dr.-Ing. Bernhardt Lüddecke

Innovative approach, importance to science, industrial applicability, benefit to the environment and, not least, scientific quality– these are the criteria for assessing the works submitted. From numerous applications, the expert jury made up of automotive specialists selected six prize winners, each of whom was awarded € 2.500 for their thesis or dissertation. The submissions came from universities and colleges in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

“This year too, the award-winning works covered the entire spectrum of automotive development – from classic engine-related aspects to new mobility concepts covering all angles of autonomous driving”, says jury chair Professor Steffen Müller from the Motor Vehicle Department at Berlin University of Technology. “In particular, the works from the “Future Mobility” category reflect a development similar to the one we are also seeing in industry: Many different disciplines, such as IT, urban planning or psychology, are focusing attention on the challenges to mobility and confirm that all-embracing approaches must be pursued to meet them.”

The Hermann Appel Prize in the “Vehicle Development” category went to Sebastian Franz and Michael Hofmann for their Master’s degree theses on “Real-Time Control Interface for a Steered and Braked Converter Dolly for Long Vehicle Combinations” at Chalmers University Gothenburg / University of Stuttgart, and Dr. Andreas Meier for his Dissertation on a “Method Permitting Pre-Collision Prediction of Anticipated Accident Severity in Head-on Vehicle Collisions” at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg.

In the “Powertrain Development” segment, the prize was awarded to Benjamin Fietzke for his Master’s degree thesis on “Model-Based Control of an SCR Catalyst and Implementation in a Near-Control-Unit Environment” at Berlin University of Technology, and Dr. Bernhardt Lüddecke for his dissertation on “Steady-State and Transient Operating Behavior of Exhaust Gas Turbochargers” at Stuttgart University.

Lasse Bienzeisler’s Master’s degree thesis on “Modeling and Simulating Innovative Mobility Services Based on Autonomous Vehicles Using the MATSim Simulation Environment” at Braunschweig University of Technology, and Teresa Engel’s Master’s degree thesis on “Playing Changes – Influence of Gamification on Selecting Means of Transport” at Kaiserslautern University of Technology received the Hermann Appel Prize in the “Future Mobility” segment.

About the Hermann Appel Prize:
This year, the prize in honor of Professor Hermann Appel (1932 – 2002) was awarded for the 13th time. With the prize, IAV commemorates its founder who, as head of the Institute for Motor Vehicles at Berlin University of Technology, called IAV into being 33 years ago as a liaison between science and industry. The award is given to graduates who impress with innovative ideas and outstanding achievements. The call for entries for the next Hermann Appel Prize will be issued in January 2017.

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