Customized IAV solutions at the Automotive Testing Expo

May 21, 2019 // At the Automotive Testing Expo on May 21 to 23 in Stuttgart, the automotive engineering partner IAV will be presenting its full range of engineering, consulting, products and test facilities under the motto "Customized Solutions for You". These are the basic modules that are put together to create individual solutions for customers, even for the most difficult development tasks.

Growing complexity in vehicle development demands ever more intelligent tools and test facilities. We are also seeing an increase in the requirements that have to be met by engineering, as well as demands for technical and strategic consulting services. After all, manufacturers and suppliers operate in an environment that is changing at an unprecedented speed. "Increasingly our customers ask for individual customized solutions that are put together from the individual modules in the IAV range", reports Utz-Jens Beister, Head of Product Solutions at IAV. "For years now we have been using the Testing Expo to show what this can look like in practice: even the most exacting development tasks can be solved with clever combinations of engineering, consulting, products and test facilities."

Show highlight IAV Macara: innovative calibration data management

At the Automotive Testing Expo, IAV will be presenting the latest version of its IAV Macara tool. IAV Macara automates calibration processes and reduces the number of errors. It also gives a swift overview of changes made to the data, even where many variants are concerned. This is something that is urgently needed. Modern vehicles have around 60,000 control unit parameters while at the same time there are several hundred vehicle variants. It is meanwhile impossible for the calibration engineer to keep track of everything without a special data management tool. IAV Macara with its large functional scope and intuitive user interface reduces the error rate and makes everyday work processes easier for the calibration engineer.

BackendTestSuite: the first software solution that validates cloud-based driver assist systems

Besides IAV Macara, IAV will also be presenting other development tools such as IAV Engine (all-encompassing layout of mechanical drives in the powertrain), IAV Kasai (Design of Experiments) and the BackendTestSuite – the first software solution that validates cloud-based driver assist systems. It uses a map basis to locate test objects, especially hazard information, but also road signs or drivers going the wrong way. Based on the test case approach, the tester locates his own position or that of an arbitrary test object, such as an accident, on the map. An internet connection is then set up in the background and messages related to specific functions are sent to the cloud. The messages are worded in just the same way as an object report sent by a real vehicle. 

Vehicle-in-the-Loop: enhancing real vehicle tests with virtual elements 

A new approach to testing future driver assist systems will also be on display. Driver assist systems interact with other systems in the vehicle, communicate with their environment and connect data from various sensors to obtain the most accurate picture of the traffic situation and to derive actions. The IAV solution uses the proven Vehicle-in-the-Loop principle, enhancing real-world vehicle tests with virtual elements. To generate a critical situation, the real-world test environment is augmented with virtual target objects that are visualized with an augmented reality app on a mobile display in the windshield. Virtual sensors detect the imposed target objects and transfer the information to the driver assist function being tested, which assesses the registered traffic situation and triggers an appropriate intervention, if necessary.Die genannten und zahlreiche weitere IAV-Produkte sind in Halle 10, Stand 1104 auf der Automotive Testing Expo zu sehen. Zusätzlich erhalten die Besucher einen Überblick über das Engineering, das Consulting und die Testeinrichtungen von IAV.

The IAV products named above will be on display with many others at the Automotive Testing Expo in hall 10, booth 110. Visitors will also gain an overview of IAV's engineering, consulting and test facilities.

About IAV: 

Employing more than 7,000 members of staff, IAV is one of the world's leading engineering partners to the automotive industry. The company has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicles for more than 35 years, generating turnover of around 900 million euros in 2018. The client base includes all renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Besides vehicle and powertrain development, IAV has been involved in electromobility and autonomous driving from an early stage and is today one of the leading engineering providers in this fields. Together with the Development Centers in Berlin, Gifhorn and Chemnitz/Stollberg, IAV also has sites in Munich, Sindelfingen and Ingolstadt, as well as other European countries, Asia and also North and South America.