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With 40 years of experience in automotive engineering, we at IAV have built up extensive expertise in the development of complex systems. Our expertise extends to the advancement of digital tools and methods that are technologically up-to-date and offer a user-friendly interface. Our solutions help companies establish efficient workflows, make informed decisions and drive progress in vehicle development.

IAV Macara

IAV Macara offers an innovative solution for efficient data management in vehicle development. With automated processes and an intuitive user interface, you keep track of ECU parameters and vehicle variants. The efficient multiple data set comparison tool enables extensive data analysis and direct modifications. Integrate different data sources and optimize your workflows for efficient vehicle development. Experience the full potential of your data with IAV Macara.

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IAV Mara

IAV Mara enables complex data analysis without programming skills. The tool allows you to combine mathematical analysis methods and compile them into predefined workflows. It can process data from different sources and features customizable data filtering, a wide range of visualization options and simultaneous editing by multiple users. In addition, standard tools (such as UniPlot, Ms Excel, MatLab) can be integrated.

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IAV Alma

IAV Alma simplifies and optimizes vehicle validation for testers. Intuitive operation via a tablet makes tests effortless, while automated measurement monitoring ensures reliability. With flexible result documentation, test results are recorded and documented systematically. Thanks to a clearly structured test catalog and filter options, specialized knowledge becomes obsolete. IAV Alma thus saves time and reduces the risk of test errors.

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Optimize your measurement data visualization with IAV MDFView – the powerful tool for comprehensive data analysis. Our user-friendly program opens measurement data in various formats such as MDF, CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet traces. With support for description formats such as DBC, LDF, FIBEX and ARXML, your raw data can be precisely interpreted and displayed in intuitive signal traces. Take advantage of our high-performance data format support, export functions and compact MDF files.

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