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IT is having more and more of an impact on automobile development: Buyers today expect the cockpit to have all the digital services they are accustomed to from their smartphones. On top of this, IT is also playing a central part in new safety functions and in highly automated or autonomous driving. For this reason, this issue of automotion is devoted to the highly topical subject of “Automotive Goes Digital” which, in addition to technical aspects, also has key economic ones.
The transmission is at the heart of the powertrain – and, for this reason, provides the focus in this latest issue of automotion. Ride comfort, efficiency and hybridization: All this is based on the indispensable torque converters which have become ever more complex in recent years. This issue looks at diverse topics, such as the issue of how hybridization influences transmission development, and which challenges the tier-1 suppliers are facing with the fleet limit of 95 grams of CO2/km.
The vehicle of tomorrow is not only environmentally friendly and safe. It will also be permanently connected with its surroundings and other road users. “Connected car” is the catchphrase that expresses this trend. This issue of automotion is focusing on Mobility 4.0. For example, we talk about the potential offered by the intermodal transport concepts currently being proposed by car manufacturers. Future mobility also includes alternative powertrains, something IAV has been looking at for many years.


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