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      eJIT – Green logistics on the last mile


      IAV is working with partners to test two all-electric semitrailer trucks in Saxony

      IAV is working on zero-emission trucks in the eJIT project – "Just-in-time logistics system based on e-mobility". Two 40-ton semitrailer trucks with electric drive and driver assist systems are to demonstrate that the eco-friendly drive system is also suitable for transporting freight. The two e-trucks are out and about on the road between Zwickau and Leipzig since mid-2017.

      Project objective

      In the framework of the eJIT project, IAV has fitted the two semitrailer trucks with an all-electric drive. With a continuous power output of 280 kilowatts and a peak power output of 320 kilowatts as well as batteries with a capacity of 144 kilowatt hours, the trucks reach a top speed of 85 kilometers an hour and can cover a maximum distance of 70 kilometers with a full load. They commute between the Porsche plant and the sports car maker's logistics center in Leipzig, respectively the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau and the nearby site of VW's partner Schnellecke Logistics. Both journeys place different demands on the two trucks. In Zwickau, much of the route is a federal highway with a relatively high speed of 60 to a maximum of 80 kilometers an hour, and there are also noticeable uphill sections. In Leipzig on the other hand, the vehicles are driving mainly in flat and urban areas.

      Smart charging technology is also part of eJit. In Leipzig, the project partners use 45 minutes per shift to charge the battery three times a day. The truck operated between Schnellecke Logistics and Volkswagen's plant in Zwickau is recharged with 150 kilowatts by DC charging during the eight-minute stop at the loading bay. The project partners are also considering quick-charging with 400 amps (currently: 200 amps); certainly the battery cells are already rated for such high current. But this will need new connectors or an alternative charging system.

      As a particular technical highlight, at the start of 2018 the Leipzig truck is also being fitted with an assist system for highly automated driving in addition to its electric drive. Although IAV’s experts can build on many features from the passenger car segment, new solutions are also being called for. Carefully driving a truck from the factory premises out onto the road, for example, is a function for which new sensor technology and algorithms must be developed. Plans are in progress for the Zwickau vehicle to be fitted with an automated maneuvering system for reversing into the loading bays.

      Schnellecke Logistics, IAV, Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH, Porsche Leipzig GmbH, AMZ (Saxony Automotive Suppliers Network) as consortium leader

      Funding body
      German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

      Project sponsor
      DLR (German Aerospace Center)

      Project duration
      January 2016 to December 2018

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