A/C roller test bench Ingolstadt

Our climatic roller test bench in Ingolstadt has been meeting the dynamic requirements of automotive development for years and, like the altitude climatic roller (HKR) in Berlin, offers the possibility of simulating test drives under extreme conditions.

The climatic chamber with roller test bench and sun simulation allows us to precisely simulate a wide range of environmental conditions and provide our customers with reproducible measurement results. Temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 55 degrees Celsius can be simulated on the state-of-the-art test stand and in two conditioning boxes. A driving wind blower generates realistic inflow of the test specimen with wind speeds of up to 130 km/h. With the aid of solar simulation, we can achieve an irradiance of up to 1,100 W/m2 on the entire vehicle and the components. On the test rig, solar irradiance can be combined with temperature and a relative humidity of up to 87 percent.

The all-wheel drive test stand, designed for vehicles ranging from the Polo to the Sprinter, can simulate a total mass of 4,000 kg. It can also simulate application measurements at freely definable driving cycles with gradients, such as on trials in Finland or on the Großglockner. Thanks to the direct workshop connection, short-term modifications to the vehicle between measurements, for example for component validations of different construction stages or concepts, can be implemented quickly.

For the support of customer measurements, we are equipped with current software tools, so we can autonomously perform measurements according to customer specifications under consideration of our guidelines. We are supported by remote tools, which we constantly optimize and adapt.

  • Services of the Test Center Ingolstadt
    • Project management
    • Test planning/preparation
    • Vehicle preparation/measurement setup
    • Commissioning
    • Complete test execution (using all common tools)
    • Test evaluation and presentation of results
    • Customer service
    • Driving robot for computer controlled driving on the air-conditioning roller test bench
  • Test bench
    • Temperature range from -30°C to +55°C
    • Climatic range +5°C to +55°C
    • Humidity range (non-condensing) 15% to 87% r.H.
    • abs. Humidity (non-condensing) 7 g/kg to 30.5 g/kg
    • Solar simulation 600 W/m² – 1100 W/m²

    Dimensions from test chamber:

    • Test chamber (LxWH) 16m x 6.2m x 6.3m
    • Test chamber entrance (WxH) 3.18m x 2.85m
  • Conditioning boxes
    • 2 prototype-safe conditioning boxes are available.
    • Temperature range:-30°C to +55°C
    • Exhaust gas extraction for cold start and parking heater tests is available.
    • LChargers Mennekes type 2, 11kW

    Dimensions conditioning boxes:

    • Boxes (LxBxH) 6.5m x 3.0m x 2.7m
    • Entrance sluice (WxH) 3.18m x 2.85m
  • Roller dynamometer – MAHA AIP-ECDM 48L-CVP / 4WD
    • All-wheel dyno, apex rollers with 1219.2 mm roller diameter (48″)
    • Wheelbase 2200 mm to 4200 mm
    • Mass simulation range 1-axle mode 475 kg to 3170 kg
    • Mass simulation range all-wheel mode 750 kg to 4000 kg
    • GSpeed range 0 … 260 km/h
    • maximum braking power per axle 220 kW
    • maximum braking force per axle 6600 N at 120 km/h
    • maximum drive power per axle 210 kW
    • maximum driving force per axle 6300 N at 120 km/h/li>
    • maximum acceleration 4 m/s²
    • axle load 2500 kg
  • Workshop
    • 2-post lift incl. exhaust extraction system
    • Complete workshop equipment
    • A/C service units R1234yf and R134a
    • HV workstation/tool
    • The workshop is prototype safe. Prototype protection rooms are also available.