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Increasing numbers of code lines in the car in ever shorter development cycles: developing automotive software and apps demands an overall understanding for the vehicle as well as new working methods and optimum tool chains. IAV takes on the development of complete software packages for both embedded software and apps. More than 800 software engineers and 25 years of experience guarantee innovative solutions from a single source.

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The share of software in vehicles is growing all the time, also because this makes it cheaper to implement many functions using code rather than special hardware. And so software today is a basic skill for all aspects of automotive engineering. At the same time, there is a great need for specialization and a wealth of experience. Time pressure is also growing, with development cycles as short as in consumer electronics. And finally, there is an increasing demand for open systems where new functions can be added later on (such as over the air).

This is a complex environment where our strengths come right to the fore. IAV has accumulated 35 years of experience in developing software for control units. Our engineers are familiar with different operating systems in accordance with OSEK or POSIX specifications and are involved in the relevant bodies responsible for further development of automotive standards (among others the AUTOSAR consortium).

In recent years, automotive apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms and their backend connection have started to play an increasing role. In future, the many control units in the car will be replaced by a few central computers, presenting major challenges for the industry (for instance in terms of algorithm distribution, possible latencies and communication between the algorithms). With its wealth of experience with various software architectures, IAV implements existing functions on the new domain controllers.

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IAV takes on the development of complete software packages

We offer the full range of expertise for requirement management, architecture definition, integration, implementation and testing. This means our experts take on the development of turnkey software packages and supply customers with solutions on a one-stop shop basis. IAV software complies with the high demands prevailing in the automotive sector, particularly when it comes to quality, development processes, functional safety and information security. It bridges the gaps to other infrastructures and software worlds such as consumer electronics and smart homes with the standard operating systems they use. Besides functionality, we ensure easy handling with well conceived user interfaces. Here we work with our own pool of test persons.

Modern development tools and agile methods make us quick and flexible, for example Continuous Delivery and SAFe. But it is above all our combination of domain know-how and software expertise that makes us stand out from pure IT providers. We work closely with our own specialists for the chassis, body electronics, engine and transmission development, driver assist systems, lighting and e-traction.

"As a software partner, we are well established in the industry and can take on even the most demanding projects on the Tier 1 level. This means that all over the world, millions of cars are out there on the roads with IAV software."

Markus Blonn — Senior Vice President Network Software

The combination of algorithm and software development gives our customers embedded, production-ready software and apps on a one-stop-shop basis. Our solutions are completely validated (with our proficiency for all ASIL levels) and comply with all pertinent ISO and Automotive SPICE standards. We pay special attention to protecting software and apps from attacks and to securing storage of user data.

Numerous projects demonstrate our capabilities, including control units for powertrains and transmissions together with software solutions for multifunction cameras and user interfaces for large-scale volume products.

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