Engine Calibration & Hardware Design

Following the ASPICE process, we offer our customers the full process of development from requirements design, software design, software testing and software verification. We have proven technology and extensive delivery experience in providing software compliant with international standards (e.g. ISO 26262 for vehicle functional safety) and popular standards. Our software development covers the full stack development and testing capabilities from the underlying AUTOSAR driver to base software and even ECU software.

Engine Calibration FlexFuel and Diesel

  • Highly experienced in the area of calibration of internal combustion engines, from flex fuel to diesel. Also, passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles.
  • All calibration skills such as basic calibration, emissions, applications (sea level and altitude) and on-board development (OBD) are available at IAV.
  • Expertise in Calibration Data Management.
  • Development of exhaust after-treatment systems and system calibration to achieve the lowest emission levels.
  • All information from durability vehicles is possible with IAV, from datalogger installation to data analysis and reporting.

Engine Hardware Design Development

  • All management of development documentation, such as drawings, bill of materials (BOM), analyses, and reports.
  • Validation of new suppliers, as well as test development and validation of supplied components.
  • Assembling and teardown of the engines for analysis, benchmark and reports.