For decades, IAV has been synonymous with premium engineering in the automotive industry. Our core competencies include perfect, production-ready solutions in all areas of powertrain, electronics and vehicle development. We also use our cutting-edge development methods and tools for applications in mobility, industry as well as energy and water management.

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IAV has had a reputation for top-level engineering for more than 35 years. During this time, we have continued to expand our range of expertise and services, even beyond the automotive field. Besides all types of drive systems (combustion engine, hybrid, battery electric or based on fuel cells) and current developments covering all aspects of the motor vehicle (e.g. connectivity, connected and automated driving), we also focus on integrated mobility solutions and technology transfer to other sectors, such as energy and water management. Top engineering with tremendous creative resourcefulness and a willingness to work on our own initiative: this is what customers can expect from IAV.

In automotive engineering, we have expertise in the entire vehicle. Our team of approximately 7,000 engineers fully masters the new powertrain diversity and the converging vehicle and IT worlds. We have a clear ambition: we want to be the premium partner for our customers. With its highly trained staff and modern development methods, IAV sees itself as a partner throughout the entire development process from technical and strategy consulting to subsequent release for volume production and after-sales. Given our sites on three continents, we are never far from our customers.

We attach particular importance to using the latest development methods and tools at all times. We want to be the industry‘s benchmark. In virtual development, for example, we champion the increased use of simulation, a closer dovetailing of CAD and CAE as well as intelligent analysis of large data volumes. This shortens the time taken to develop a gasoline engine by around six months, reducing costs by approximately 20 percent. This approach is also suitable for developing hybrid powertrains, electric motors and transmissions.

In cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, we are driving forward the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in automotive engineering. As part of the “Cyber Valley” research partnership, we are working on employing AI as a way of automatically optimizing controllers in engines, enabling them to use energy as economically as possible while still remaining powerful. AI can also be used for generating RDE test drives or optimizing power grids. For this purpose, IAV has developed its own methodology tool box which is available to all engineers across the company.

Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) also play a key part in our engineering work. In our new VR lab in Gifhorn, we can realize several alternative concepts at early stages of the development process and switch between them for comparison. Later on, it is also possible to make release decisions on the basis of VR, for example in respect of package space or component installation. If required, customers or other IAV sites can be linked in from other locations, such as the VR rooms IAV operates in Berlin, Stollberg, Munich and Shanghai. This permits cross-locational cooperation in real time. To date, IAV is the only engineering partner to operate a dedicated VR lab. It is to provide a hub for disseminating virtual reality as a development technology throughout the automotive industry.

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