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Whether you are an electricity grid operator, energy supplier, housing construction company or fleet manager – IAV brings smart and innovative solutions in terms of software, hardware or service to the energy sector. And this also applies to water management – for cities, municipalities as well as wastewater-producing industrial companies.

Smart Grid - network planning with brains

If you are an electricity grid operator, we have the right tools for your planning and design of efficient and affordable electricity grids. And that in the age of e-mobility and renewable energies. With the IAV Optera software, our customers can plan efficient and cost-optimised medium-voltage grids – fully automated and according to their wishes – and optimise existing infrastructures. Operators simply enter the relevant planning criteria – our software does the rest, saving them time and money.

IAV Optera

Your contact for IAV Optera:

Nick Elsner
at IAV
Tel.: +49 162 240 1009

The Flying Eye - Network inspection by drone

For grid operators, our smart drone “CarryAir” offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to helicopter flights to control and survey power lines. The autonomous flying object can also be used in industry and agriculture. An innovative hydrogen fuel cell system enables significantly higher ranges than battery operation, while AI methods are used to evaluate the collected data.

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Your contact for CarryAir:

Enrico Neumann
Team Lead at IAV
Tel.: +49 5371 80 51724

Clever Charging by IAV - we make electricity mobile!

As a fleet manager, for example in logistics or in the healthcare sector, you will find customised charging solutions with us. At least 15 million e-cars are expected to be on the road in Germany by 2030 – this means a massive expansion of the charging infrastructure at all levels. Intelligent communication that connects all e-mobility partners in the system enables successful grid integration of the vehicles. Whether it’s the use of batteries as intermediate storage, smart on-site charging management or the identification of attractive charging locations – IAV continues to drive e-mobility forward.

Always Live – Thanks to IoT Platform and AI

Your contact for Clever Charging:

Frank Märzke
Teamleiter bei IAV
Tel.: +49 5371 80 52436


Energy transition for districts

If you are an energy supplier or a housing construction company, then you will benefit from our digital tools and automation solutions. IAV’s neighbourhood energy management system (QEMS) allows you to precisely determine your energy requirements, tap into savings potential and operate more efficiently. In addition, intelligent control of large consumers ensures effective load management in the power grid. We are also happy to fully automate your energy flows, right up to smart, holistic energy management – based on smart forecasts regarding production and consumption.

„NetProsum2030“: With IAV technology, it is safe to generate, store and use electricity yourself
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Your contact for quarters:

Dr. Bennet Luck
Head of Department at IAV
Tel.: +49 5371 80 51611


Energy suppliers and gas grid operators are increasingly converting their business model to hydrogen. This requires significant investments and extensive planning. IAV offers preliminary and feasibility studies, design and approval planning as well as complete execution and commissioning. With our many years of development experience in the hydrogen sector and powerful optimisation tools, we pave the way for a plant that meets requirements and is cost-effective.

Development of hydrogen systems

Your contact for hydrogen:

Jörn Brauns
Entwicklungsingenieur bei IAV
Tel.: +49 5371 80 51063

Smart Corona Tracking

For cities, municipalities and larger industrial plants, we offer an intelligent tool for local pandemic control: IAV’s Ki-supported Corona Early Detection System determines the optimal position of measuring points in your wastewater system by fusing measured value analyses and microgeographical evaluations. Wastewater samples are taken there and analysed for Corona RNA. The virus is detected at an early stage and valuable time is gained to take action against the infection. On the recommendation of the EU, the German government is currently planning to monitor the spread of corona viruses at pilot sites using wastewater data – IAV is involved in the process through the application of a municipality.

IAV Develops Intelligent Early Detection System for Corona
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Your contact for the Corona Early Warning System:

Matthias Pätsch
Team Lead at IAV
Telefon: +49 5371 80 53481

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