Hydrogen & Fuel Cell

Hydrogen as an energy talent: The future starts here. A climate-neutral economy based on renewable energies that does without oil, gas and coal – that is Europe’s vision by 2050. The transformation of the energy supply requires one thing in particular: hydrogen.

As a storage medium for green electricity, as an energy carrier in large-scale industry, as a fuel for transport on land, at sea and in the air, or for combined heat and power generation in neighborhoods – hydrogen has many uses.
Politicians have recognized the enormous potential and are investing billions to promote hydrogen technologies at national and EU level and to create the necessary infrastructure.

IAV serves this new market with hydrogen expertise built up over 20 years and is active at almost every point in the hydrogen value chain.
Generation – storage/distribution – use as an energy carrier: IAV brings industry-specific technical expertise to the table, complemented by state-of-the-art development methodology and tools as well as professional project management.

A company wants a technical subsystem analyzed and optimized? An engine is to be converted to H2 combustion? A demo vehicle with fuel cell drive and H2 tank is to be designed? A customer wants to have a complete fuel cell powertrain integrated into a vehicle according to the latest standards and legislation? A TCO or life cycle analysis is to be prepared for a product development? Or is it ‘simply’ a complex test order that needs to be fulfilled? Whatever the requirement and whatever the scope: IAV is the right partner.

The spectrum ranges from automotive and commercial vehicle applications through marine, rail and aviation to infrastructure planning for testing facilities and quarters. And IAV is also active as a partner for municipalities or entire federal states, working alongside its principals to develop strategies for the transport and use of hydrogen in industry, transport and the heating sector.

The development of a cross-sector and sustainable hydrogen economy is pioneering work and, in parts, needs to be rethought from scratch. At the same time, it opens up great opportunities for new applications and business models for market participants.

For a successful market entry, it is crucial to know the risks and to minimize them. To do this, it is good to know that you have an experienced partner at your side. A partner like IAV.

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