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The automotive industry is undergoing transformation. Tighter emission standards, new powertrain systems and the trend towards automated driving are just a few of the challenges facing the industry. IAV provides its customers with support along the entire value chain and offers them services on a one-stop-shop basis.

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Today, OEMs and component suppliers are faced with fundamental questions that will have a major impact on their market opportunities in the coming years and decades. Which powertrain systems will still have a future in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles? How can ever-tighter fleet limits be reliably met? What will automated driving mean for established vehicle concepts and business models?

IAV provides its customers with support throughout the value chain. We offer technical and strategy consulting as well as top engineering on a one-stop-shop basis on aspects such as powertrain, vehicle integration, exterior, interior, vehicle safety, chassis, cockpit, vehicle electronics, mobility, product life cycle and e-traction. Cross-divisional teams made up of first-class specialists guarantee excellent development results. This is something we have demonstrated in over three decades of cooperation with all globally operating OEMs and component suppliers.

Our specialists use state-of-the-art tools and methods, some of which we have developed ourselves. For example, we are currently advancing virtual engineering as the answer to managing with fewer real-world prototypes and to noticeably shortening development times. With augmented and virtual reality, we are introducing a new form of cross-locational collaboration between IAV and our customers which, among other benefits, also speeds up release decisions. And in cooperation with renowned partners, we are conducting primary research in the field of artificial intelligence with the aim of making greater use of AI during the development process and in the actual vehicle.

All of this enhances our ability to resolve problems and increases the quality of our development services, regardless of whether our customers want us to provide validated software, a calibration, a component (e.g. an engine, electric drive or transmission), a fleet test or a complete vehicle ready for volume production.

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