Efficient, flexible, plannable: The use of robots can increase productivity in many industries and relieve the burden on people. IAV develops innovative robotic systems in line with market requirements – and also relies on know-how from automotive engineering.

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From heavy-duty work that can hardly be expected of humans to tiresome or repetitive tasks: The fields of application for robotics are as numerous as the industries that benefit from it. As a systems integrator, developer and supplier of autonomous and flexibly deployable commercial service robots, IAV makes the technological advantages usable. Our conviction: Used in a customer- and demand-oriented manner, robot technology increases the degree of digitization, interconnectivity and automation in a company and guarantees safety, ergonomics and adaptability in work processes. Used in agriculture, for example, our robots can support farmers during the harvest and relieve them of tedious and strenuous work – around the clock if necessary.

Small and medium-sized companies in particular can use service robots to increase their competitiveness and safeguard their operations even in times of personnel bottlenecks. IAV supports companies with engineering services and system integration in developing and introducing suitable solutions. In the future, the portfolio will also include service robots for transport, inspection and analysis on land, at sea and in the air.

During development, our expertise in systems engineering, mechatronics, perception and navigation is seamlessly integrated. Automation, control engineering, artificial intelligence, modular and production-optimized design and lightweight construction – all these topics also play an important role in the automotive sector. Our customers thus benefit from the knowledge and methodological skills that IAV has acquired and is demonstrating on a daily basis as a leading engineering partner to the automotive industry. And thanks to robot technology, they can increase their efficiency, flexibility and planning ability.

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