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IAV Elocity

The future of urban mobility will be dominated by electric powertrains that are quiet and run with zero local emissions. They thus make an essential contribution to reducing air pollution and improving the quality of in urban areas.

There is therefore a demand for efficient concepts to convert commercial vehicles to electric powertrains with little effort, either directly by the OEM or as a retrofit solution. Given the large number of possible scenarios involved here, preference must be given to modular solutions that can be adapted to the specific user requirements every time.

This is where IAV Elocity comes in – a modular solution with mass-producible components that can be adapted to package and power requirements while offering a quick and easy solution to urban e-mobility. It is ideal for buses and delivery vans, for municipal fleets as well as supply and disposal vehicles.

Our motivation is clear: we want to make a noticeable contribution to providing clean, zero-emission mobility in the city.