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Electromobility is picking up speed. Almost all manufacturers are launching new models on the market in the next few years. And the trend is rising. For developers and test engineers, the need for suitable test benches to put the high-voltage components and e-drives through their paces is growing. Conventional test benches are suitable for this, but they are immobile and test bench times are rare and relatively expensive.
Our solution: IAV Auros

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IAV Auros is a new type of system that is easy to transport and contains everything needed for the safe operation of high-voltage test samples. The system transforms any room with a three-phase socket (CEE socket 400V/63A) into a high-voltage test stand.

With IAV Auros, different types of DUTs can be operated easily and cost-effectively. One example is e-motors. IAV Auros can control and monitor up to two e-motor DUTs in parallel, one in motor mode as a drive, the other in generator mode as a brake. In this back-to-back setup, only the power loss needs to be fed in from outside, making costly test bench infrastructure superfluous and allowing drive motors with up to 150 kW of mechanical power to be tested. This results in an enormous cost advantage, especially for durability and environmental testing.

Of course, IAV Auros can also address other electrical components and systems – for example, electrified auxiliary units such as electric air-conditioning compressors, on-board chargers, heaters or e-turbochargers.

The big advantage: low demands on the infrastructure.
At the same time, IAV Auros offers the possibility of connecting a wide variety of peripheral devices. This means that even complex test setups and test stations can be implemented simply, efficiently and quickly.

Test Bench in the Box as a Service

  • IAV Auros includes:

    – Fully-fledged test stand automation system, developed based on years of experience in the operation of test stands.

    – Manual operation, automation of procedures and test programmes

    – Interfaces for test equipment: HV, LV, data (CAN / LIN)

    – Safety systems such as insulation monitoring

    – If required, further features can be added on a customer-specific basis.

  • IAV Auros is available in the following configurations:
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