IAV Engine

IAV Engine and the two extension modules, IAV Engine Toolbox and IAV Engine Analyzer, give developers access to a broad range of tools for developing and optimizing engine mechanics. Particularly in the early development phases, their easily parameterized models deliver key information – e.g. for estimating potentials.

Ingenieur arbeitet mit IAV Software namens IAV Engine.

IAV Engine, as the basic platform for designing engine mechanics, provides a large number of tools that have proven their worth across the globe in several decades of automotive development work at IAV. The modules help designers, computation engineers and simulation specialists in designing mechanical engine components – for example, in laying out valvetrains and timing gears as well as crankshafts.

IAV Engine Toolbox extends the functionalities of IAV Engine. The tool serves as a portal to IAV‘s concept and analysis tools as well as to any other layout and computational tools. Predefined workflows and the combination of several computers significantly speed up the computation process. Further modules provide easy access to methods of mathematical optimization and tolerance analysis.

IAV Engine Analyzer is primarily used for evaluating and comparing simulation and test results. Among other capabilities, its modules can be used for analyzing cylinder liner distortion as well as bearing-tunnel und valve-guide deformation, cam and eccentric-shaft wear, the cylinder head gasket as well as oil pressure in the engine.

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