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IAV Flexmore

Quick and easy list comparisons, processing and analysis

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List information is generated constantly during the engineering process, in the form of Excel spreadsheets, extracts from CAD programs or exports from databases. The information is also changing all the time. For example, parts are always being added or removed. Some lists become almost unrecognizable in next to no time. Furthermore, it is often necessary to compare lists from various sources with completely different structures. While Excel spreadsheets are often used for engineering, production plants then have their own systems for the pilot production phase. This all makes manual comparison very difficult.

IAV has recognized great potential for optimization here and therefore developed the IAV Flexmore product family. It consists of two main components: Flexmore.Compare permits flexible comparisons of different list types. Quickly and with little eff ort, the tool produces an overview of the differences between the lists, thus making analysis easier. Flexmore.WeightCalc is used for analyzing weights and for determining engine DIN weights, thus permitting objective comparisons, for example of subsequent CO2 emissions.

IAV Flexmore is constantly optimized at IAV and can easily process lists with more than two million rows and more than 1,000 columns. The tool closes the process gap between development systems for pilot and volume production and has already proven its worth in numerous projects.

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