IAV Meru (current generation as IAV Indicar)

IAV Meru (the most recent generation is available as IAV Indicar) is a portable indication system capable of real-time signal processing. Weighing in at less than three kilos, the unit can be used for recording, computing and evaluating cylinder-pressure curves.

Quickly ready for use, the system can be connected up directly to calibration tools, such as INCA. This means IAV Meru is not only suitable for use on the test bench but can also be taken on test drives without a problem.

IAV Meru records as many as eight cylinder-pressure signals on a cycle-accurate basis and processes them in real time under thermodynamic aspects. Unlike other comparable indication systems, IAV Meru impresses with real-time signal-evaluation capability – e.g. for closed-loop control of PMI and main center of heat release.

Users can work with the ready-made thermodynamic block sets supplied with the system or add their own MATLAB / Simulink algorithms for processing signals. The data computed can be exported in different formats for further analysis by the user.

Besides the standard configuration, we can also provide the IAV Meru with additional inputs and outputs in line with client needs. The unit includes our Meru Commander software for configuring the system as well as for recording and evaluating data.

Technical specifications
Inputs: 8 x analog, differential, +/-10V, joint galvanic isolation (standard, variations on request), 400 kHz sampling frequency, 16 bit
Data acquisition: Angle and time-based acquisition, real-time processing
Resolution: 16-bit resolution in 0.1 °CA steps
Evaluation: Simulink blocks for standard variables (COHR, IMEP etc.) included; for special applications: evaluation with user algorithms developed in MATLAB/Simulink with automatic code generation
Signal processing: FPGA, 400 MHz floating-point DSP, digital filters up to the order of 1200
Interfaces: 2 x CAN, USB 2.0, 10 Mbit/s SSI, RS232
Additional inputs: 4 x analog, differential, +/-20 V, joint galvanic isolation, 16 bit, 1 kHz
Outputs: 4 relay outputs
Angle signals: Inputs for angle encoder and 60-2 wheel
Power supply: 7-40 VDC, 12 W or 230 VAC
Dimensions: 30cm x 18cm x 13cm, or 19-inch for installation in racks
Weight: ~3 kg

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