IAV Primero

Fault simulation for third generation lambda sensors. On-board diagnostics (OBD) of the lambda sensor must be able to detect ageing effects and defects in the lambda sensor in good time. This must be done before the sensor is no longer able to provide the necessary signals for exhaust-relevant functions in the vehicle (e.g. mixture control, catalyst diagnosis).

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Active principle

IAV Primero opens up the possibility for developers to distort the complex signal processing of the lambda sensor signals in a simple way. In this way, a lambda sensor signal can be made available to the OBD algorithms in the engine control unit, which can be modified by means of freely configurable error images. The distortion of the lambda sensor signal path takes place at the vehicle level without requiring any intervention in the functions of the engine control unit. In this way, the effectiveness of the on-board diagnosis can be verified in its unchanged series state and demonstrated within the scope of the vehicle approval.



IAV Primero can be easily integrated into the signal path between the lambda sensor and the engine control unit in any vehicle environment via the universal wiring harness. One linear and one binary sensor can be controlled simultaneously by IAV Primero. Configuration and control are carried out conveniently via the user interface from a laptop connected to IAV Primero via USB. The existing CAN interface enables seamless integration of the data generated by IAV Primero into the existing application environment (for example ETAS INCA).

IAV Primero is fully backward compatible with all probe models and ECUs supported by previous Lambda devices.

Advantages at a glance

– Support for a wide range of lambda sensors
– Large number of freely configurable error images
– Scalable to the needs of vehicle projects
– Functionally limited demo mode for demonstrations
– Compact and robust design for in-vehicle use

  • Compatibility control units

    – Bosch (CJ125, CJ135, CJ135F)
    – Continental (ATIC42, ATIC142, ATIC 342)
    – Magnet Marelli (ILIOS)
    – Delphi (C3WRAF)
    – Other engine control units on request

  • Compatibility lambda sensors

    – Bosch (LSF 4.2, LSU4.2, LSU4.9, LSU5.1, LSU5.2, LSU adv, LSF Xfour
    – NTK (OZAS-S2, OZAS-S4, ZFAS-U2, ZFAS-U3.1, ZFAS-U3.2)
    – Denso (H6, Plus 6)
    – Other lambda sensors on request

  • Accessories

    In order to be able to easily integrate IAV Primero into any vehicle project, the scope of delivery for IAV Primero also includes a USB connection cable as well as a universal adapter for connection to the power supply, engine control unit and lambda sensors.


Individual services offer a first-class complement to IAV Primero and enable all-round support right from the start.

  • Maintenance Service

    – Annual function test
    – Annual unit adjustment
    – Ad-hoc unit exchange service
    – Updates for IAV Primero software

  • Training

    – Discussion of typical use cases from installation and connection to configuration and application of specific error patterns.
    – Optional discussion of advanced functions such as load adjustment or calibration of system configuration files
    – Demonstration of functions on the desktop or in the vehicle possible
    – Conducted by IAV experts and IAV developers
    – Suitable for beginners and advanced users
    – Online or on-site programme available

  • Installation Service

    – Support of the set-up on the vehicle or test bench
    – Analysis of system parameters for new sensors and control units
    – Creation of suitable configurations in cooperation with our customers

  • Prototype Service

    – Conceptual development for the integration of control procedures in IAV Primero for new sensors and control units.
    – Modification of IAV Primero hardware and firmware
    – Validation of measurements and optimization of IAV Primero functionality based on customer requirements

  • Support

    – 3-level support team available daily
    – Troubleshooting available by mail, phone or screen sharing
    – Please visit iav-primero@iav.de for all types of enquiries

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