IAV Teslin

There are several steps involved in endurance and component testing, such as setup documentation, interim diagnostics and final appraisal. Large quantities of data are generated in this process, for example when assessing the condition of a component, photo documentation or the analysis of oil, operating fluids and measurement data.

IAV Teslin

Central management and analysis of test bench data

Today, various tools such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint are used to record such data prior to subsequent storage on various drives or in several databases. The process is not only very slow: it also makes it very complicated to compare different endurance runs at great manual effort.

Greater efficiency and more scope for evaluation

This is where IAV Teslin comes in. The tool offers central management of the data sources and makes the information available in a standardized form for subsequent analysis, comparison and reporting. Component owners and diagnostic experts working for OEMs, suppliers and service providers benefit from far greater efficiency, together with more scope for evaluation during and after endurance test runs. Besides standardized data recording, the tool also offers flexible add-ons according to customer or project demands. Furthermore, interfaces ensure IAV Teslin smoothly integrates in existing system landscapes.

Central data management makes it easy to compare test units in different test programs. IAV Teslin also keeps a record of which tests have been carried out for easy comparison with current test runs.

Standardized reports

IAV Teslin uses the data for semi-automated generation of reports, for example as Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. Users can define their own export templates. IAV creates individual interfaces to existing IT systems on request.

IAV Teslin has been in productive use at IAV since 2014 and has already proven its worth in numerous customer projects. Non-automotive customers also benefit from the tool for diagnosing and evaluating their products in tests or endurance runs, including manufacturers of water pumps and heaters or domestic appliances, such as washing machines and tumble dryers.

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