IAV Tronador

The information needed to calibrate a control unit is usually distributed across various data sources that can only be visualized and processed with specialized programs. Such program diversity exacerbates the work of developers and calibration engineers.

All control unit data at a glance

This is where IAV Tronador comes in: the tool pools all the information of a control unit in one clearly structured program, visualizing it in a matter of seconds as an overlay directly in the function documentation. Besides displaying steady-state information, Tronador also features interactive analysis and visualization of measured data.

The tool is easy and intuitive to use thanks to its clear, uncluttered user interface. This makes work much easier for the calibration engineer who needs just one compact, clearly structured program for everything. IAV Tronador thus boosts efficiency, facilitating a focus on the demanding task of calibration instead of handling various classic tools.

Basic function

The user interface includes an import function for the various data sources that the calibration engineer needs. These are automatically consolidated and visualized by the program, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual searches, with clear benefits in terms of efficiency and quality.

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