IAV TeleDrive

Logistics professionals make particular demands – not only on powertrain engineering but also in terms of the on-board computer. Geared specifically to the demands of fleet managers, their drivers and vehicles, the TeleDrive 3116 provides an answer: easy to use, durable and ideally suited to a host of applications.

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The basic software it comes with combines radio, navigation, telephone and address-book functions as well as a media player. An open and secure Windows CE platform permits the use of third-party software. Fleet, service or tracking management or your favored logistics applications – TeleDrive’s capabilities put it far ahead of the many comparable units. And they can also be extended further by connecting external devices. For instance, the video function is not only used for providing entertainment during breaks but also for displaying the images from any reversing camera that is connected. Also provided is the option of connecting temperature sensors and printers as well as reading a digital tachograph for the driver’s daily log.

No collection of devices, no tangled cables: The TeleDrive 3116 consists of a computer in DIN slot size as well as an 18 cm (7”) touch screen. This means the TeleDrive is not only quickly installed but can also be taken out again and fitted in another vehicle without a problem. It is operated from a large touch screen with a user interface meeting automotive requirements. This gives the user an easy-to-control, robust system that always delivers current information thanks to regular software updates.

Technical specifications

Computer dimensions: 180 mm x 51 mm x 160 mm; 0,8 kg
Display dimensions: 180 mm x 140 mm x 35 mm; 0.6 kg
 Arat and Richter-brand holder systems can be used
BOperating voltage range: 6.5 to 45 volts for basic unit (external low-frequency amplifier: 20 to 36 volts)
CPU: PXA255 with 400 MHz
Memory: Flash / RAM 32 MB flash, 128 MB RAM 2 GB program and data memory
Display resolution: 800 x 480 WVGA
Audio amplifier output: 2 x 20 W
Interfaces: 2 x CAN (high speed), FMS (vehicle data recording), 4x digital inputs and/or outputs, audio (mic & line in),
 USB 1.1, CF card (type I), V.24 port, RS485 port,
 Smart card (check-card format), TeleDrive display link,
 GSM/GPRS, GPS Sirf III chip set, Bluetooth

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