Product solutions from IAV are packed with many decades of engineering experience. We offer our customers cutting-edge development tools, tried and proven OEM components and production-ready conversion concepts, such as for electric vehicles.

New powertrains, more vehicle derivatives, complex algorithms on the control units and ever-tighter emission regulations with shorter and shorter development cycles in an increasingly digital world: automobile developers are under tremendous pressure. This makes it important for engineering tools to provide scope for creativity.

As an engineering partner, we have been taking innovations to the level of volume production for over 35 years. For this, we use the best development tools available, some of which we have developed ourselves. Over the past three decades, many products have evolved that have set new standards. They benefit from the unique combination of our domain knowledge and the latest mathematical methods, such as data science.

IAV Mara, for example, makes big data manageable for the calibration engineer. From chaotic volumes of data, the software identifies relevant patterns and automatically generates reports. This reduces the number of tests, saves a great deal of time and cuts costs. Processes become more effective and efficient. IAV Mara is also suitable for the non-automotive segment: among others, the tool can provide power generation forecasts for wind turbines or help to minimize their wear.

Today, our IAV Primero tool is used at all globally operating OEMs. It provides developers with an easy way of manipulating the complex processing of lambda probe signals for testing purposes and imitating user-configurable error patterns to the engine control system. This manipulation takes place at vehicle level without involving any intervention in the engine control algorithms. This makes it possible to verify the effectiveness of on-board diagnoses in their unchanged volume production state and demonstrate this in the process of vehicle homologation.

“Development tools from IAV give the maximum boost to creativity.”

Utz-Jens Beister — Director Product Solutions

Development tools from IAV are always on the cutting edge of technology because they assist our engineers every day in their work at the forefront of automotive development. With them, we make even innovative mobility solutions of tomorrow and beyond ready for volume production. What our developers learn from this is immediately channeled into new product releases. It is a perfect cycle as engineering and product development benefit from each other – continuously advanced by engineers for engineers. We also guarantee professional first and second-level support, partly in collaboration with partners, such as ETAS or RA Consulting.

In addition to development tools, we can also offer vehicle conversion solutions. IAV Elocity, for example, is a modular electric drive system. It can be adapted to the specific application and is suitable for both new and used commercial vehicles. As a supplier of the parts kit, IAV Cars produces or procures the components in cooperation with trusted industrial partners and provides customers with professional support throughout the life cycle of the electric powertrain. IAV can match the product to customer requirements, making it possible to cover many applications and variants. It is used for converting double-decker sightseeing buses in Berlin which will be on the capital’s roads starting 2020.

Besides development tools and conversion solutions, we have been offering production-ready OEM solutions successfully for many years. Examples of these include an information system for CLAAS agricultural machinery and software for optimizing the control of wind turbines. These, too, reflect the experience gathered in numerous volume production projects which IAV has completed for OEMs and component suppliers all over the world. Through technology transfer from the exacting automotive world, our time-tested solutions and methods also benefit other sectors, such as the power industry.


Developing like IAV’s experts: This is possible using our development tools. They have proven their worth in numerous high-volume projects and are always on the cutting edge. Most of our tools not only speed up the engineering process but also enhance its quality and reliability. Here again, what we develop moves you.

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We can also act as „custom tailor“ when the need arises. In many cases, standard solutions fail to meet all the requirements made from customers. IAV has been converting vehicles to CNG drive systems for decades. We also electrify commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses with battery or fuel cell drive concepts. Our USP: we find solutions that stand out with well conceived engineering and absolute quality even for small batches: simply tailor-made.

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