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IAV Cross

The IAV Cross (formerly Injection Analyzer) is a high-performance system for conducting hydraulic measurements on injection valves. It is used whenever differentiated analyses of injection cycles need to be provided.

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The measurement principle selected distinguishes the IAV Cross from comparable instruments. The system computes the injection rate as a function of the dynamic increase in pressure in a fuel-filled measurement tube into which the nozzle injects fuel directly. With no moving parts, delays in the measurement system are ruled out.

Unlike other measuring systems, the IAV Cross can simultaneously measure injection rates as well as injected fuel quantities as single events, and display the rate signal with very high precision. A further advantage: As there are no moving parts, the measuring unit requires hardly any maintenance and measurement results can be reproduced exactly. The system is not sensitive to high and low temperatures either, making it suitable for use in temperature-control chambers as well.

Apart from the hydraulic unit, the IAV Cross also includes a separate electronic unit that not only records and processes data but also coordinates the measurement technology. Included in the package, the system is controlled by powerful software that is easy to use and displays all information in a clearly structured manner. In addition to displaying data in real time, it also provides the capability of re-playing saved measurement readings (e.g. for presentations) and analyzing them in detail. The IAV Cross can also be connected to other test-bench software by a TCP/IP data interface.

Technical specifications

  • Direct shot-to-shot measurement of injection rates
  • Direct shot-to-shot measurement of injection masses or injected fuel volumes
  • Measurement of injection delays
  • Up to 14 partial injection events per stroke
  • Measurement ranges: 0.3 to 30,000 mg/stroke
  • Maximum measuring accuracy
  • Maximum application temperature range
  • Freely parameterizable analog inputs (optional)
  • Measurement of ultra-small peak-to-peak distances
  • Adjustable fuel backpressure: 5-180 bar
  • Suitability for diesel and gasoline fuels on request
  • Software interface for controlling the IAV Cross