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IAV Kasai and Online-DoE is a software tool for workflow-guided engine calibration using the DoE (Design of Experiments) method.

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For modern combustion engines to develop their full potential and work at maximum efficiency, the software of their control unit must be ideally calibrated. From the many thousand possible parameter combinations, our test engineers must pinpoint precisely the one that controls the engine in the best possible way at all times.

A grid measurement of all conceivable variants can soon result in thousands of individual measurements. As test bench time is expensive, our developers have been working in depth for many years on the “Design of Experiments” method, DoE for short. It allows measurements to be distributed in the test space intelligently so that the number of tests is reduced to a minimum.

Our IAV Kasai software makes it possible for any test engineer to use the DoE method unassisted. A workflow with intuitive graphic user interface guides the user through the task in hand. This begins by defining the test parameters and choosing the target measured variables. A test plan is then generated using mathematic algorithms. This guarantees to achieve the result with an optimum number of tests while saving time. Proceeding from the data measured, the software generates mathematical models as the basis for defining optimum calibration. For this purpose, IAV Kasai provides the user with various graphic evaluations as well as the use of several optimization tools that allow optimum calibration to be found automatically.

IAV Kasai is the result of our many years of experience with DoE in automotive engineering. A team of software developers and engineers continually improves the software and provides support for internal and external users. For inexperienced DoE users, IAV offers training on the DoE method and model-based calibration as well as flexible support on getting started with IAV Kasai.

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