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IAV Kivu

Developing new combustion processes and injection components demands flexible control units that can be configured in a variety of different ways. IAV Kivu (formerly FI2RE – Flexible Injection and Ignition for Rapid Engineering –) is precisely this.

Our development control unit allows the user to operate all of the engine’s crank-angle-synchronous components without a production control unit.

IAV Kivu can be used on the engine and component test bench in many different ways.
For example, it is very easy to realize the injection spray process in which gas is blown into the intake manifold and taken to controlled combustion by directly injecting diesel. Even with its standard functionality, IAV Kivu is capable of actuating rail pressure pumps, camshaft actuators and throttle valves. The flexible angle system can be used for different sensors and signal shapes.

Depending on the task in hand, the basic IAV Kivu unit is easy to extend – with the TRA card, for example, that records thermodynamic data and processes them in real time. Our piezo power stage permits the flexible actuation of piezo injectors and provides new degrees of freedom in developing injection strategies, such as rate shaping. Further plug-in cards are also available for various applications. If clients are unable to find the right one for their particular need, we can also extend IAV Kivu to suit requirements.

Technical specifications

  • Crank-angle-based actuation of all solenoid and piezo injectors as well as all ignition systems
  • More than 12 cylinders can be actuated on request
  • Evaluation of digital and analog (inductive) sensors
  • Signals: including “60 minus 2” wheel”, 0.5 °CA, 1 °CA, 0.1 °CA ABN
  • Rail pressure control, any systems
  • Control of throttle and EGR valve positions
  • Camshaft control
  • Additional I/Os (12*PWM out, 8*analog in)
  • CAN, USB 2.0, ASAP3 via RS232
  • Compatible with other IAV products, such as the Injection Analyzer