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Recognition and interactive processing of correlations in data

Measurements and simulations generate huge quantities of data. At the same time, it is getting increasingly difficult to interpret such data and identify correlations. IAV White is a software that makes data perceptible. Its special strength is the way its modules visualize complex data and offer users many possibilities for interaction. And so we change from the Black Box to the White Box!

“DataExplorer” module

Nothing gets out of hand anymore: the DataExplorer module visualizes even large quantities of data with millions of data points. Excel or CVS data can be shown as spreadsheets, 2D/3D diagrams or histograms. Functions available to the user include filtering, selecting, coloring and zooming. All inputs have an immediate impact on the presentation. Other functions in this module include simultaneous display of several diagrams, many export possibilities and intuitive use.

“DataAnalysis” module

Detecting outliers and anomalies and finding correlations in data: these are traditional tasks involved in analyzing large quantities of data. This module accompanies the development engineer on every step of the way, from scaling, converting and smoothing the input through to data mining and recognizing correlations. All the algorithms have proved their worth in daily use. They are being refined all the time, and extended and supplemented as and when the need arises. We also support our customers in their use of the module or take on complete analyses as a service.

“PatternDetection” module

Time and again, engineers face the task of identifying known or specific patterns in measurement data. Rule-based pattern detection is time-consuming and, in many cases, too selective. The AI-based approach taken by this module finds hits by comparing similarities without needing any rules. A template pattern is all that is needed to generate a ranking of hits with similar patterns. The user sees all finds and can implement a threshold to stipulate what is relevant to his needs.

“MultibodySimulation” module

Multibody simulation generates physical models, calculates loads and designs components. Classic tools for this task produce highly precise results but do not have much scope for interaction. Frameworks for computer games, on the other hand, are highly interactive but only reproduce physics inaccurately. This module combines both: high accuracy and many possibilities for interaction with the keyboard, joystick or game controller. As a result, users are more able to rate products precisely for their specific purpose, resulting in optimized designs and lower costs.

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