Vehicle Solutions & Automated Driving

Automated Driving & ITS

IAV brings together the individual development areas in the context of the overall vehicle and assumes overarching responsibility for an entirely well thought-out and integrated vehicle.


IAV offers full-scale development of chassis and chassis components such as redundant steering systems and steer-by-wire, braking systems and brake-by-wire for BEVs as well as vehicle dynamics control systems, virtual validation, FuSi and scopes of the TG TRE.

Complete Vehicle Systems

IAV offers body development, concept development, structural design, strak, simulation as well as validation virtually and in tests for interior (interior, cockpit etc.) and exterior (body and add-on parts).


IAV offers the development and optimisation of EMC concepts that allow compliance with requirements at vehicle level. This also includes the development and integration of antennae (concepts), which are given special consideration as a possible point of incidence for electromagnetic interference.

Infotainment Systems & Functions

IAV offers the development of Connected Car Services & Systems: basic and online services from concept to series production as well as E2E test automation and monitoring of any online services. IAV is also an expert in the simulation and analysis of radio transmission links (e.g. 5G, C2X) – in the laboratory and on the test site as well as in system certification support statutory emergency call.

Vehicle Electronics

IAV offers the development and integration of vehicle electronics systems and functions such as body, comfort, drive peripherals, occupants and infrastructure.

Vehicle Safety Systems

IAV offers the development of vehicle safety functions such as pedestrian protection, airbag electronics, restraint systems and occupant protection as well as the performance and evaluation of tests – crash, sled, subsystem – including data management and homologation.