Software Systems & Connectivity

Connected Systems Architecture & Integration

In the midst of networked mobility, we bring complex functions into series production – while meeting all requirements regarding security, new features and update frequency. With our in-depth systems engineering know-how, we are your partner for the implementation of software-based systems and services – in the vehicle and beyond. Our experts also support you in the conception and application of basic technologies such as core services, middleware solutions, network and performance computers, IoT and edge computing.

Vehicle IT & Backend-Systems

Thanks to the experience and know-how of our software developers, operations specialists, cloud solution architects and data scientists, IAV offers innovative solutions for the engineering and mobility of tomorrow. The range of services extends from the conception to the implementation and operation of digital services and cloud-based platforms. Within the scope of our cloud, frontend and backend developments, we use on-prem environments as well as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or the GAIA-X framework. For example, IAV’s measurement data platform offers data management that is available worldwide and at any time, taking into account legal requirements, which enables data analyses, process automation and service monitoring, among other things.

Automotive Security

IAV masters all aspects of security engineering: starting with the identification of attack vectors, through the definition of security systems in accordance with the latest standards such as ISO 21434 or UNECE regulations R155/R156, to the implementation of these in reliable software. In this way, we secure vehicle (fleets) and mobility infrastructure throughout the entire product life cycle.

Data Engineering & Analytics for End2End Architectures

IAV has made it its business to shorten vehicle development cycles with the help of smart data analytics. With a comprehensive understanding of vehicles and analytics as well as the necessary methods, tools and the corresponding IT infrastructure, we map the complete value chain for the entire vehicle release. Even large volumes of data, which we record using a wide range of measurement technology in the vehicle, can be processed with our specially developed IAV measurement data platform – if required, even in real time and distributed worldwide. Thanks to our individualised analyses and visualisations, our customers can gain an in-depth insight into the collected data and its significance following data collection.

UX & HMI Development

The HMI has developed into one of the most important differentiating features and makes a decisive contribution to the competitive advantage of our customers. IAV already develops innovative and inspiring solutions under its own responsibility, relying on agile and efficient methods, the latest tools and international development teams. From concept to evaluation and prototyping to series software development, we accompany our clients along the entire development process.

Connectivity Technologies

IAV offers the development of Connected Car Services & Systems: basic and online services from concept to series production as well as E2E test automation and monitoring of any online services. IAV is also an expert in the simulation and analysis of radio transmission links (e.g. 5G, C2X) – in the laboratory and on the test site as well as in system certification support statutory emergency call.

Vehicle Software Solutions

Vehicle functions consist more and more of software-based and software-defined systems and account for a large share of value creation. The task here is to integrate the multitude of applications from different suppliers safely and efficiently. With its comprehensive domain know-how, IAV develops basic and functional software with the highest series requirements for functional safety and security and in compliance with all relevant processes.

Electronics Hardware

Electrical and electronic components are highly relevant in modern vehicles and have an impact on comfort, functionality and safety. IAV combines high-performance hardware development with comprehensive software expertise, from concept to finished product. Many years of comprehensive experience in the development of power electronics, control units and our own measurement technology make us a reliable partner – for niche applications and for series developments.

Digital Life Cycle Management

Function update, safety feature or bug fixes – software updates are now part of the everyday life of connected vehicles – and are still required by law well after SOP. IAV offers comprehensive Digital Life Cycle Management covering all aspects of managing vehicles and their digital services. Starting with the analysis and cooperation with product management of existing digital services, the development and operation of new services, the update itself through to the actual higher-level management. To this end, we master the processes, methods and tools as well as the technical details and their developments in the vehicle, in the cloud or the mobile end devices – we ensure the up-to-dateness and security of vehicle (fleets) throughout the life cycle.