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      Customized Product Solutions

      New powertrains, more vehicle derivatives, complex algorithms on control units and ever-tighter emission regulations in conjunction with shorter development cycles in an increasingly digital world: automobile developers are under enormous pressure. This is why development tools are called for today that once again provide scope for creativity: Products from IAV.

      IAV presented its product solutions and testing equipment at the Automotive Testing Expo from June 20-22.

      As an engineering partner, we have been getting innovations into volume production for over 30 years. This has a lot to do with our 6,000 or so first-class developers, but also with the development tools we use in our everyday work. These products assist developers in their challenging daily routine involving all manner of activities in the field of measurement, testing, analysis, layout, simulation and calibration. Throughout the V process, IAV uses the best development tools that are available on the market. And if we cannot find them there, we develop them ourselves – from practitioners for practitioners.

      Over the last three decades, this approach has seen the creation of many products that have set new standards. Typical IAV: our products are intuitive to use and come with the built-in expertise of our top developers. This makes it easy for the user to cope with development challenges of any complexity.

      Regardless of whether a developer wants to optimize a component or design an entire powertrain, IAV products are at their side throughout projects of any magnitude. No matter how big a development project is: anyone using these IAV tools is just a mouse click away from the knowledge of three decades of automotive engineering development.

      IAV did present the following papers at the open technology forum:

      • Hans-Christian Winter, In-lab emulation of real-word connectivity environments for virtual drive tests
        Tuesday, 20 June, Hall 1, 3:00 pm - zum Abstract

      • Ortwin Escher, Processing vehicle-related measurement data
        Wednesday, 21 June, Hall 1, 1:35 pm - zum Abstract

      Hardware products


      Tools with integrated excellence

      Throughout the V process, we use the best development tools on the market. And if they're not on the market, then we develop them ourselves. From developers for developers. An approach that has proven its worth in countless demanding projects. At the Testing Expo, we will be presenting some of our successful products.

      For example, the IAV Injection Analyzer: This is used to obtain differentiated views of injection processes. In contrast to other measuring systems, the Injection Analyzer simultaneous measures both injection rates and injection quantities as well as individual results, with high-precision visualization of the rate signal.

      IAV KIS4, with the next generation soon to be released under the name IAV Meru, is our knock indication system. It can be used at the test bench and in the vehicle. KIS4 is a highly efficient instrument for objective assessment of an engine's knocking activity.

      New combustion methods and injection components can be developed using our flexible engine control unit IAV FI2RE, soon under the name IAV Kivu. It offers a wide range of possible uses at the engine and component test bench. Already the basic version is capable among others of actuating rail pressure pumps, camshaft actuators and throttle flaps.

      IAV Primero has been developed as a tool for error simulation in third generation lambda probes. It makes it easy for developers to manipulate the complex signal processing of the lambda probe signals for checking that the on-board diagnosis is working correctly.

      IAV Tomo ensures a reliable power supply for tests in the vehicle, even when the ignition is switched on or off. Batteries uphold the power supply to the measuring instruments as soon as the vehicle electrics voltage breaks down. This gives configuration engineers a chance to record communication between the control units also during the start process and after the engine has been switched off.

      All our hardware products are based on our high IAV standard. We want our development tools to set benchmarks in the branch. Many satisfied users prove that this is already successful, also because we gladly take up any requests and suggestions made by our customers in order to make our products even better.

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