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      Customized Product Solutions

      New powertrains, more vehicle derivatives, complex algorithms on control units and ever-tighter emission regulations in conjunction with shorter development cycles in an increasingly digital world: automobile developers are under enormous pressure. This is why development tools are called for today that once again provide scope for creativity: Products from IAV.

      IAV is presenting its product solutions and testing equipment at the Automotive Testing Expo from June 05-07.

      As an engineering partner, we have been getting innovations into volume production for over 30 years. This has a lot to do with our 6,000 or so first-class developers, but also with the development tools we use in our everyday work. These products assist developers in their challenging daily routine involving all manner of activities in the field of measurement, testing, analysis, layout, simulation and calibration. Throughout the V process, IAV uses the best development tools that are available on the market. And if we cannot find them there, we develop them ourselves – from practitioners for practitioners.

      Over the last three decades, this approach has seen the creation of many products that have set new standards. Typical IAV: our products are intuitive to use and come with the built-in expertise of our top developers. This makes it easy for the user to cope with development challenges of any complexity.

      Regardless of whether a developer wants to optimize a component or design an entire powertrain, IAV products are at their side throughout projects of any magnitude. No matter how big a development project is: anyone using these IAV tools is just a mouse click away from the knowledge of three decades of automotive engineering development.

      Meet IAV at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018. We look forward to introducing you to our product solutions and testing equipment.

      Software products


      Today, software plays a major role in the everyday work of a development engineer - for example in rating, construction, simulation and calibration. IAV has been a pioneer in this field for more than 30 years. Not surprising therefore that some of the software tools that we have developed are among the best that today's market has to offer. They work together perfectly not only with each other but also with solutions from other manufacturers and blend in smoothly with your existing tool landscape. See for yourself at the Testing Expo where you can get to know IAV's software products.

      IAV Engine is an integrated tool for complete dimensioning of mechanical drives in the powertrain. The software suite consists of a whole family of tools that can be used for dimensioning mechanical engine components. Among others, it helps developers when dimensioning the valve train, crankshaft drive, control and accessory unit drives and the whole system, as well as modeling and optimizing crankshaft geometry, dimensioning and analyzing the engine suspension, simulating the longitudinal dynamics in the analysis of conventional, electric and hybrid powertrains and friction analysis of the whole engine.

      Our IAV Kasai (formerly EasyDoE) software, soon with new release under the name IAV Kasai, distributes measurements in the test chamber so intelligently as to minimize the number of trials on the test bench. The program uses the measured data to create mathematical models for the configuration engineer to proceed with optimum configuration. There's no way of managing without DoE (Design of Experiments), particularly in view of the growing number of control unit parameters. IAV EasyDoE makes the method easily accessible for every test engineer.

      Our IAV Macara software also ensures a clearly organized, high-speed configuration process. The tool is used for simultaneous, dynamic comparison of a large number of DCMs and datasets which can then be copied simply by drag&drop, as well as carrying out function comparisons, generating graphic visualizations and exporting the data in common formats.

      IAV Mara is a modular toolbox consisting of numerous analysis methods that can be used easily by every configuration engineer even without programming skills. The software imports and indexes measurement data and provides the user with a whole range of mathematical analysis possibilities that can be easily combined per mouse click. Interfaces to standard tools such as Matlab/Simulink make it even more flexible. IAV Mara detects relevant patterns in chaotic data mountains and generates automatic reports. This reduces the number of tests, saves heaps of time and cuts costs.

      Our IAV Barito tool helps development engineers when working on hybrid and E-vehicles. It depicts the entire workflow involved in the calibration of battery models and guides the user systematically through the process. During measurements on the test bench, current profiles are fed into the battery at various temperatures and different charge statuses to measure current and voltage of individual cells or whole batteries. IAV Barito calculates the electrical equivalent circuit from the measured data in order to create a battery model, such as is required for example in longitudinal dynamics simulation or battery management systems.

      Retrieving fi les spread out on network drives throughout the company: IAV Falkonera makes it quick and easy to find the files you need, just as you are used to on Google or Bing.

      All our software solutions come from our daily practical work at IAV. They are mature solutions with intuitive handling. On-going experience gained by our developers during their projects also flows immediately in new releases for the tools. A perfect circular flow: engineering and product development in mutually beneficial harmony.

      Highlights 2018

      From developers for developers: IAV products make work easier because they result from practical applications and are always state of the art. For instance, the IAV Xingu for smart, scalable dataset management and IAV Primero for simulating lambda probe errors.

      IAV Xingu lets calibrators compare their work with the calibration guidelines, detect correlations and recognize possible conflicts with current legislation with regard to OBD, for example.

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      On-board diagnosis of the lambda probe has to recognize ageing effects early on before the probe is no longer able to supply the necessary signals for exhaust-relevant functions in the vehicle (such as mixture control or catalyst diagnosis). IAV Primero checks whether this really works as it should.

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      East Entrance 
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      Opening hours

      Tuesday, 05 June,
      10 am - 5 pm
      Wednesday, 06 June,
      10 am - 5 pm
      Thursday, 7 June,
      10 am - 3 pm

      Click here for the show layout.

      You can find IAV in hall 10, stand 1740.

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