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Automated driving. What we develop moves you. IAV has been involved in research into all kinds of technology to do with automated driving since 1995. IAV has now used this know-how to produce a complete research vehicle, consisting of a shuttle bus without a steering wheel or accelerator pedal that runs on city streets without external intervention. This is IAV’s demonstration of what autonomous driving could look like in future.

The challenge of traffic

Many cities are struggling to cope with the growing volume of traffic. Somehow we have to reconcile heavy traffic and limited space with the growing demand for mobility. Urban planning measures won’t solve the traffic problem fast enough. This is why it is important to forge ahead with the technical development of vehicles and infrastructure, says Mirko Taubenreuther, Senior Vice President for Automated Driving Functions at IAV.

“That's my motivation for tackling this project that entails setting up a complete system and showing what is technologically feasible.”

Mirko Taubenreuther — Senior Vice President Automated Driving Functions

Automation as part of the answer

Automated driving is a highly promising component in the approach to coping with the growing demand for mobility in our cities. Automation will make traffic more efficient and safer and improve traffic flows. It will also lead to completely new traffic concepts, says Taubenreuther. Here it is a case of pushing the technical possibilities to their limits and beyond so that users can look forward to a high standard of service and convenience in a more livable city.

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“I think we can show what autonomous driving will look like in future.”

Senior Vice President Automated Driving Functions — Fachbereichsleiter Automated Driving Functions

IAV is a pioneer and technology leader

IAV started to develop the first automated driving functions back in 1995 and has continued to enhance them ever since. Some of these assist systems have become a standard feature in many vehicles today, from parking assistants to radar-based lane change assist systems. Although the autonomous shuttle is not ready for volume production just yet, says Taubenreuther, it gives an idea of what is currently possible. You could say it is the culmination of all research and development work at IAV up to now.

“IAV has set itself the goal of being the technology leader. This, in particular, is an area where we must demonstrate that we can do it.”

Christoph Hartwig — Development Engineer Automated Driving Functions

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From actuator unit to high-level intelligence

Christoph Hartwig is a development engineer at IAV. For him, the exciting thing about the shuttle project is that up to now there has been no other comparable system that works “out of the box”. Producing an automated shuttle from start to finish demands the full range of expertise for the whole vehicle, from the lowest actuator unit through to high-level intelligence. Hartwig is convinced that there are not many companies in the world that can produce this kind of complete system.

Step by step into the future

“It’s like looking into a crystal ball”, grins Christoph Hartwig. Automated parking is already a standard feature in some vehicles; soon we’ll be driving in an automated system down the motorway. More and more functions are being automated step by step. Then one day we’ll get up in the morning and take our smartphone to call up an automated vehicle that brings us to work without any traffic congestion.

“It's really special to be involved in developing a complete vehicle for research purposes on this scale.”

Christoph Hartwig — Development Engineer Automated Driving Functions

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Christoph Hartwig
Christoph Hartwig is a development engineer for automated driving functions at IAV. He is involved in developing software and algorithms for surroundings-sensing systems in automated vehicles.

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Mirko Taubenreuther
Mirko Taubenreuther is Senior Vice President of Automated Driving Functions at IAV. He is responsible for all aspects of driver assist systems and automated driving.

What is it like to work in this field?

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