Nuix User Group Conference 2023

eDiscovery in international investigations

On 11 May 2023, the second “Nuix User Group Conference” took place in Berlin. The event was hosted by Nuix, the law firm BTM (Büsing, Müffelman and Theye) and IAV.

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Panel discussion "Regulatory framework and ethics of an AI for crime prevention". From left to right. Maximilian Beiche (BMT), Anja Hillig (BMT), Michael Uray (CCO T3K.AI), Dr. Tobias Teicke (Comfield) and Dr. Lars Siebert (BMT, moderator).

The event was attended by 40 representatives from the automotive, finance and legal sectors. The event was flanked by exciting presentations on the topics of data protection and AI used in internal investigations. In addition, a defence lawyer gave his perspective on forensics in criminal proceedings, and there was a contribution to the current challenges in eDiscovery.

Jonas Hoffmann, Head of Legal at IAV, explained to the audience how to professionally process facts in internal investigations. In addition, Wolfgang Fietzke, computer scientist at IAV, and lawyer Dr. Lars Siebert (BMT) spoke about their experiences with data preparation in accordance with EU regulations and a US monitorship. The audience was able to take a look behind the scenes of internal investigations.

Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to discuss how to apply eDiscovery methodologies to other proceedings.

Legal advice and services from IAV

IAV has more than 15 years of experience in all areas of eDiscovery. In addition, our legal experts specialize in the areas of patent infringement, product liability litigation and diesel investigations and have the ability to deploy a proven investigative team.

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